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1. Rob Corddry Rob Corddry Actor, Hot Tub Time Machine
2. Nate Corddry Nate Corddry Actor, St. Vincent
3. Vincent Caso Vincent Caso Actor, Rather Be Raiding Vincent Caso was born in Massachusetts and raised in Los Angeles. He attended a school for the Arts and, with his training in front and behind the camera, he decided at the age of 13 to pursue acting. Within a year he booked a lead in his first feature film, Humble Pie, from the producer of Napoleon Dynamite, Jeremy Coon.
4. Bates Wilder Bates Wilder Actor, Shutter Island
5. George Jung George Jung Writer, Heavy Geroge Jung was born August 6, 1942 in Weymouth, Mass. He began as a smalltime marijuana smuggler in the 1960s, but in jail met Carlos Lehder who had connections with Pablo Escobar, and thus was born the first large-scale cocaine smuggling operation into the United States. Over the span of several years Jung accumulated nearly $100M in a Panamanian bank account...
6. Mathew Fisher Mathew Fisher Producer, Stupa-Man Mathew Fisher was born March 9, 1983, in Weymouth, Massachusetts and grew up on the south shore. Since a kid Mathew was always a fan of movies and as a teenager he started experimenting with them using the family's camcorder to make small shorts and he'd shoot family events. He created "Intelligence Gone Wild Volume One...
7. Joseph Patrick Kelly Joseph Patrick Kelly Actor, The Rock
8. Marcy Carsey Marcy Carsey Producer, Let's Go to Prison
9. Taniya Nayak Taniya Nayak Self, Feathers Fly Famous for her manic energy and bright engaging smile, Taniya Nayak was born in Nagpur, India, and came to the US as an infant with her family, who settled in Boston, MA, where she was raised. Her father is B.D. Nayak, a renowned Boston-area architect. Taniya graduated from Weymouth High in 1991, from the University of Massachusetts-Lowell with a B.A...
10. Allen Hamilton Allen Hamilton Actor, The Fugitive
11. Andrew Nielson Andrew Nielson Director, Give It All to God Andrew is an American film, television, and theatre actor. Born and raised in the suburbs of Boston, Massachusetts, Andrew moved to Kansas City to finish high school. For three semesters, he attended Olivet Nazarene University in Bourbonnais, IL, studying vocal, cello, and theatre performance. Soon after...
12. Lezlie Dalton Lezlie Dalton Actress, Guiding Light
13. Richard Robbins Richard Robbins Composer, The Remains of the Day
14. Jamie McGonnigal Jamie McGonnigal Actor, Shadow Hearts: From the New World
15. Doug Purcell Doug Purcell Actor, Ocean's Thirteen Robert Douglas Purcell grew up in the small town of Scituate, which is located on the south shore of Massachusetts. He had a talent for art in school, graduated early from Scituate High School's Class of 1976 and joined the Marines. He has lived in California since 1982, was married in 1985 and divorced in 2003. He has two beautiful daughters...
16. Matthew Bacis Matthew Bacis Actor, Apostle Peter and the Last Supper
17. Rick Fee Rick Fee Camera and Electrical Department, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Rick Fee was born in Weymouth, Massachusetts, in 1950. He grew up in the neighboring town of Hingham. He graduated from Colgate University in 1972 and attended New York University's Graduate Institute of Film and Television, from which he graduated with an MFA in 1974. Fee made a short film at NYU...
18. James Stiles James Stiles Actor, Webgirl
19. Michael Hopey Michael Hopey Actor, Going Overboard
20. Joe Morganella Joe Morganella Miscellaneous Crew, Along Came Polly Joe moved from Boston, Massachusetts to Los Angeles, California a week after graduating from Boston University in 2000. This "Jack Of All Trades" has since amassed quite a variety of experience in production on-set, in development, in post-production, even in front of the camera. He currently works in development at Vesuvius Productions.
21. Kevin Sullivan Kevin Sullivan Miscellaneous Crew, Mind-Sifter
22. Seth Harrington Seth Harrington Writer, Episode #2.1
23. Mark Shields Mark Shields Self, Episode dated 29 September 2013
24. Joanna Perry-Folino Joanna Perry-Folino Producer, The Silence of Bees Joanna Folino was born on August 20th in Weymouth, Massachusetts. She is a producer, writer and actor, known for Within Reach (2012), The Silence of Bees (2008), Le Petite Mort (2014), Mirror (2014) and Rough (2015). She is also a professor of film, theatre and literature in the San Francisco Bay Area. She resides in both Berkeley and Burbank.
25. Aprill Fasino Aprill Fasino Actress, Mona Lisa Smile
26. Michael Cleary Michael Cleary Soundtrack, That's Dancing! Composer, songwriter ("Is There Anything Wrong in That?"), journalist and organist, educated at the US Military Acedemy. He wrote shows at West Point and was an organist in the Catholic Chapel. He left the Army in 1926 to become a newspaper reporter in Boston. He wrote the Broadway stage scores and songs for revues including "Earl Carroll's Vanities" (1931)...
27. Amanda D. Mahoney Amanda D. Mahoney Casting Department, CSI: NY
28. Billie Spencer Billie Spencer Composer, Amends to My Life
29. Paul Farren Paul Farren Self, Buffalo Bills vs. Cleveland Browns
30. Chris Nandor Chris Nandor Uncategorised Chris Nandor is originally from Duxbury, Massachusetts, and graduated from Biola University in 1995. He lives in Northwest Washington. He played cello as a child, and eventually sold it to buy a bass guitar, then later a six-string guitar. Music has always been a part of his life, but remains primarily a hobby. He works as a full-time computer programmer.
31. Tomm Gillies Tomm Gillies Director, Blue
32. William H. White William H. White Actor, The Chocolate Soldier
33. Bryan Wynacht Bryan Wynacht Director, Transition Video Magazine Issue 1 Born to Thomas and Patricia Wynacht, his parents were poor farmers in a rural town outside of Plymouth, Massachusetts. After his father founded the fledgling Portside Personal Computers in late 1979, the family moved to Brant Beach, New Jersey. There, Bryan spent his days on the southern New Jersey beaches with his brothers Peter Wynacht and David Wynacht; and sister Elizabeth Wynacht...
34. Jake Corcoran Jake Corcoran Actor, Patriots
35. Kristen Ryan Kristen Ryan Miscellaneous Crew, Amber Leigh Live at the Crest Theatre
36. Christopher J. Adams Christopher J. Adams Writer, Sleep
37. Joshua Rieder Joshua Rieder Art Department, The Heartless
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