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1. Kevin Conroy Kevin Conroy Actor, Batman: Mask of the Phantasm Kevin Conroy was born on November 30, 1955 in Westbury, New York. At age 17, Kevin earned a full scholarship to attend Julliard's drama division, where he studied under actor John Houseman. In 1978, after graduating from Julliard, he toured with "The Acting Company", Houseman's acting group, and in 1979...
2. Nancy McKeon Nancy McKeon Actress, A Cry for Help: The Tracey Thurman Story Nancy McKeon was born in Westbury, New York to Don and Barbara McKeon, began modeling baby clothes for the Sears catalog at the age of two and she and her brother did over sixty-five commercials in seven years. She appeared briefly on the soap operas, The Secret Storm, and Another World. When her brother...
3. Beatrice Straight Beatrice Straight Actress, Poltergeist In her long career, Beatrice Straight actually did very little work in the movies, plying her trade mostly on stage. But, when she did grace the silver screen, she did it with great skill. Her first love was theatre, having debuted on Broadway in the 1935 "Bitter Oleander". Her work garnered her much acclaim...
4. Philip McKeon Philip McKeon Actor, Red Surf
5. Dennis Lipscomb Dennis Lipscomb Actor, WarGames Leading and supporting actor Dennis Lipscomb has been appearing in films since the early eighties. Trained as a Shakespearian stage actor, Lipscomb first starring role was the lead in Union City, a film about the 1930s with mobsters and Nazi criminals. After co-starring in Love Child, he took other lead roles in the ghost story Eyes of Fire and the thriller...
6. Doctor Dré Doctor Dré Actor, Who's the Man?
7. Neil Cavuto Neil Cavuto Self, Episode dated 17 October 2014
8. Doe Avedon Doe Avedon Actress, Deep in My Heart
9. Allan Steele Allan Steele Actor, Crash
10. Robert Fratta Robert Fratta Self, Portrait: Robert Fratta
11. Freddie Foxxx Freddie Foxxx Actor, Philadelphia
12. Joseph Knebel Joseph Knebel Actor, Enchanted
13. Pat Haden Pat Haden Self, Episode dated 21 July 2010
14. Gregory Murtha Gregory Murtha Actor, Hey Arnold! The Movie
15. McFalann Calixte McFalann Calixte Actor, Dinosaur Feathers: Teenage Whore
16. Oliver Lundquist Oliver Lundquist Director, War Department Report
16 names.