10 names.

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1. Liberace Liberace Self, Another World Most remembered for his extravagant costumes and trademark candelabra placed on the lids of his flashy pianos, Liberace was loved by his audiences for his music talent and unique showmanship. He was born as Wladziu Valentino Liberace on May 16, 1919, into a musical family, in Wisconsin. His mother, Frances Liberace (née Zuchowski)...
2. Angie Liberace Angie Liberace Self, Christmas Show
3. Rudy Liberace Rudy Liberace Self, Christmas Show
4. Lionel Dahmer Lionel Dahmer Self, Jeffrey Dahmer: The Monster Within
5. Joe Twerp Joe Twerp Actor, In Old Chicago
6. Erin Broling Erin Broling Actress, Ray Donovan
7. Shawn Monaghan Shawn Monaghan Producer, Final Census
8. Harvey Kuenn Harvey Kuenn Self, 1983 MLB All-Star Game
9. Dan Jansen Dan Jansen Self, Vancouver 2010: XXI Olympic Winter Games
10. Jeff Jacobs Jeff Jacobs Editor, Dinner Time Pest
10 names.