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1. Fay Compton Fay Compton Actress, The Haunting
2. Claudia Liza Armah Claudia Liza Armah Self, Sky News: Sunrise
3. Jill Freud Jill Freud Actress, Love Actually Daughter of Henry Walter Flewett (1892-1970) and Winifred Johnson Flewett (1896-1967). Educated at Sacred Heart Convent School (R.C.), London and the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts (1945-1947). After being evacuated with her school to Oxford during the war, became a volunteer housekeeper and hen-keeper in the household of C.S...
4. Stirling Moss Stirling Moss Self, Formula 1 Born in London in 1929, Stirling Moss' love of auto racing ran in the family - his father, a dentist, had been a race car driver and had, in fact, raced at Indianapolis in 1924 and again in 1925. Interested in cars virtually from childhood, Moss began racing in earnest at 17. Two years later he took...
5. Glen Byam Shaw Glen Byam Shaw Actor, Look Back in Anger
5 names.