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1. Neil Flynn Neil Flynn Actor, The Middle Neil Richard Flynn is an American actor and comedian, known for his role as "The Janitor", in the medical comedy-drama, Scrubs. He currently portrays "Mike Heck" in the ABC sitcom, The Middle. Neil was born in the south-side of Chicago. He is of Irish descent and was raised Catholic. He moved to Waukegan...
2. Brian Van Holt Brian Van Holt Actor, House of Wax
3. David Clennon David Clennon Actor, Gone Girl A tall, lean, and often bearded actor with a career lasting more than twenty years, David Clennon is also a very vocal activist and has turned down roles because of his beliefs. After participating in several years of anti Vietnam War protests, he began to establish himself in off-Broadway theater. An incredibly versatile actor...
4. Ray Bradbury Ray Bradbury Writer, The Ray Bradbury Theater Ray Bradbury was an American science fiction writer whose works were translated in more than 40 languages and sold millions of copies around the world. Although he created a world of new technical and intellectual ideas, he never obtained a driver's license and had never driven a car. He was born Ray Douglas Bradbury on August 22...
5. George Chandler George Chandler Actor, Every Which Way But Loose After military service during the First World War, Chandler studied at the University of Illinois, financing his studies by playing jazz violin in a band. During the early 1920's, he returned to the vaudeville circuit and began in films from 1928. Most of his early efforts were short one- and two-reel comedies...
6. Colin Strause Colin Strause Visual Effects, X-Men Origins: Wolverine Colin Strause grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Colin and his brother Greg Strause began experimenting with visual effects in their early teens. In 1995, he moved to Los Angeles and started working on the special effects for The X-Files. From there he moved on to big-budget hits such as The Nutty Professor...
7. Mickey Kuhn Mickey Kuhn Actor, A Streetcar Named Desire One of Hollywood's staple child actors during the 30s and 40s, Mickey Kuhn played alongside many a top Hollywood star from Leslie Howard and Conrad Nagel's son to playing Dick Tracy's ward. Once he reached the "awkward teens" stage, however, he found himself primarily unemployed or in unbilled parts and looked elsewhere for career satisfaction...
8. Judith Bess Jones Judith Bess Jones Self, Tattletales
9. Tressa Thomas Tressa Thomas Actress, Flatliners Tressa's feature film debut was the Robert Townsend film, The Five Heartbeats, in which was featured with R&B legend Patti LaBelle, on the movie's soundtrack for the song, "We Haven't Finished Yet". Her other film credits include Flatliners and Message In A Bottle. She also played the singing role of...
10. Greg Strause Greg Strause Visual Effects, Galaxy Quest Greg Strause grew up in the suburbs of Chicago. Greg and his brother Colin Strause began experimenting with visual effects in their early teens. In 1995, Greg moved to Los Angeles and started working on the special effects for The X-Files. From there he moved on to big-budget hits such as The Nutty Professor...
11. Gretchen Bonaduce Gretchen Bonaduce Self, Re-inventing Bonaduce
12. Conni Marie Brazelton Conni Marie Brazelton Actress, ER
13. Patrick Campbell Patrick Campbell Actor, Silent Movie
14. Heather Mehudar Heather Mehudar Producer, Mayadah Moussa's Masters of the Universe: Primary Tools (Level 1) Heather (an only child) was born in Waukegan, Illinois, USA to a single mother (Laura) 6 weeks before her 19th birthday. Shortly after, her mother moved back to Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA where she began raising Heather. Heather was born with a "trigger thumb" on her right hand and had to have surgery to correct it when she was one year old...
15. Drago Sumonja Drago Sumonja Producer, Char·ac·ter
16. Jack Danger Jack Danger Visual Effects, Stages of Emily
17. Eileen Montelione Eileen Montelione Actress, Vaccinated Eileen was born in Waukegan, and raised on Chicago's Southside, which is why she loves sarcasm. In college, she began her pursuit of happiness by way of a career in film and theatre. Much of her time in Chicago was spent performing and writing sketch comedy on tour and at the famed Second City Theatre in Old Town...
18. Steve Jacks Steve Jacks Editorial Department, The Next Three Days
19. Kim Stanley Robinson Kim Stanley Robinson Self, Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon
20. Jill Rytie Lutz Jill Rytie Lutz Miscellaneous Crew, We Were Soldiers
21. Les Bates Les Bates Actor, Big Stakes
22. Perce Pearce Perce Pearce Writer, Bambi
23. Jim Vukovich Jim Vukovich Music Department, The 39th Annual Grammy Awards
24. Al Rabin Al Rabin Producer, Days of Our Lives
25. Jodie Beckstine Jodie Beckstine Makeup Department, Killing Time
26. Emir Yonzon Emir Yonzon Actor, Witless Protection
27. Chad Bratzke Chad Bratzke Self, ESPN's Sunday Night Football
28. Mike Wagner Mike Wagner Self, Super Bowl IX
29. Corky Calhoun Corky Calhoun Self, Mania
30. Ryan C. Reed Ryan C. Reed Director, The Magic of Micheal Machek
31. Sofia V. Mendez Sofia V. Mendez Actress, 12 Minutes to Heaven: Fate
32. Eleanor Bradley Eleanor Bradley Self, E! True Hollywood Story
33. Bob Alden Bob Alden Actor, The Country Girl
34. Otto Graham Otto Graham Self, Super Bowl XXIX
35. Shawn Marion Shawn Marion Self, Hooters 2011 International Swimsuit Pageant
36. Rodger Kent Rodger Kent Self, The Wrestler
37. William Price Fox William Price Fox Writer, Cold Turkey
38. David Ogrin David Ogrin Actor, Tin Cup
39. Michael Pawlak Michael Pawlak Visual Effects, Law Abiding Citizen
40. Dan Bentel Dan Bentel Sound Department, Life's a Drag
41. Brandon Comerford Brandon Comerford Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, I Heart Shakey
42. Adam Rench Adam Rench Director, So, a Guy Walks Into a Bar Adam Rench was born in Northern Illinois. He grew up in a small rural town named Lake Villa, Illinois, which is an hour north of Chicago. Adam is the son of critically acclaimed still photographers David and Carol Rench. Adam is married to Linda Rench and they are parents of two children, a boy Indiana Rench and a girl River Rench...
43. William Arbogast William Arbogast Actor, The Twenty
44. Arnold 'Jigger' Statz Arnold 'Jigger' Statz Self, Fast Company
45. Marshall Sella Marshall Sella Music Department, The Royal Tenenbaums
46. Daniel Helberg Daniel Helberg Production Manager, 3 Ninjas Kick Back
47. Marvin 'Smitty' Smith Marvin 'Smitty' Smith Actor, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno
48. Rebecca Kernes Rebecca Kernes Actress, The Chauffeur Rebecca is an actor on the west coast originally from the Chicago area. Rebecca started dancing when she was three years old and about age fourteen she started doing theater performing the Kenosha Youth Performing Arts Company (KYPAC). She could be seen as the lead dancer in shows such as Annie, Children of Eden...
49. Lany Tamraz Lany Tamraz Actress, Gotham, IL Lany grew up in a small town in northern Illinois. After watching her older sister get the lead in almost every play she auditioned for, Lany knew she wanted to be just like her sister. She tried out and made the plays just like her sister, even performing together on stage in Our Town. Lany's favorite...
50. Jarvis Brown Jarvis Brown Self, 1991 American League Championship Series
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