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1. Robert John Burke Robert John Burke Actor, Limitless
2. David Gorcey David Gorcey Actor, Pride of the Bowery Leo Gorcey's younger brother, David Gorcey is not usually thought of as one of the "original" Dead End Kids, but he did have a small role in the 1935 Broadway production of Sidney Kingsley's "Dead End" - and he is the person responsible for getting his brother Leo a part in the play. Ultimately this led to Leo's becoming a movie star while David played supporting roles and bit parts...
3. Jessica Leccia Jessica Leccia Actress, Guiding Light
4. Myim Rose Myim Rose Actress, Unlawful Entry Myim Rose was born on September 27, 1971 in Washington Heights, New York, USA. She was an actress and musician, best known for Unlawful Entry (1992) and Run Like Hell (1992) for vocals on the (1994) Moby song "Feeling so Real." She was married to Brian Gant. She died on November 14, 2006 in Los Angeles, California, USA.
5. Mims Mims Soundtrack, Due Date
6. Camille Almy Camille Almy Actress, Acapulco Gold
7. Vinylz Vinylz Soundtrack, Fifty Shades of Black
7 names.