13 names.

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1. Don Gilet Don Gilet Actor, EastEnders
2. Frank Windsor Frank Windsor Actor, Softly Softly
3. Noddy Holder Noddy Holder Soundtrack, Rush
4. Erin O'Connor Erin O'Connor Self, The Face
5. Bob Warman Bob Warman Self, Central News
6. Dominic Ryan Dominic Ryan Actor, The Christmas Party
7. Eleanor Simmonds Eleanor Simmonds Self, Breakfast
8. Rob Pallatina Rob Pallatina Editor, 2-Headed Shark Attack
9. Kathleen Heath Kathleen Heath Actress, Emma
10. Zoe Dawson Zoe Dawson Actress, Oklahoma!
11. Graeme Brookes Graeme Brookes Actor, Faintheart Graeme Brookes is an actor born and bred in Walsall, an industrial part of the West Midlands. Graeme graduated from one of the top NCDT recognised drama schools, Manchester Metropolitan 'School of Theatre'. Graduating in 2005. Since this time Graeme has worked predominantly in theatre touring UK and Europe Extensively. He has also garnered a positive CV of screen appearances as you can see.
12. Sheila Jackson Sheila Jackson Costume Designer, The Merry Christmas
13. Wendy Jeffries Wendy Jeffries Actress, Milk
13 names.