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1. Peter McEnery Peter McEnery Actor, Clayhanger
2. Don Gilet Don Gilet Actor, EastEnders
3. Goldie Goldie Actor, Snatch Known throughout the music industry as the "king of jungle", Goldie is an artist whose ferocious creativity knows no bounds. Born and bred on the breakdancing and hip-hop culture he absorbed during trips to the States in his youth, Goldie was a graffitti artist and an album cover artist before receiving the backing to record his first track...
4. Sue Nicholls Sue Nicholls Actress, Coronation Street
5. Jeffrey Holland Jeffrey Holland Actor, Hi-de-Hi!
6. Rob Halford Rob Halford Soundtrack, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
7. Frank Windsor Frank Windsor Actor, Softly Softly
8. John Byrne John Byrne Writer, X-Men: Days of Future Past
9. Noddy Holder Noddy Holder Soundtrack, Rush
10. Erin O'Connor Erin O'Connor Self, The Face
11. Rob Pallatina Rob Pallatina Editor, 2-Headed Shark Attack
12. Wendy Jane Wendy Jane Actress, Asian Lesbian with Her Classmate
13. Jerome K. Jerome Jerome K. Jerome Writer, Three Men in a Boat Born in Walsall, Staffordshire, in 1859, son of an unsuccessful ironmonger. Raised in London, and educated at Marylebone Grammar School. Started work as railway clerk at fourteen, and later worked as schoolmaster, actor and journalist. Two volumes of humorous essays preceded "Three Men In A Boat" (1889)...
14. Mark Rhodes Mark Rhodes Self, Copycats
15. Bob Warman Bob Warman Self, Central News
16. Dominic Ryan Dominic Ryan Actor, The Christmas Party
17. Leila Williams Leila Williams Self, Blue Peter
18. Graeme Brookes Graeme Brookes Actor, Faintheart Graeme Brookes is an actor born and bred in Walsall, an industrial part of the West Midlands. Graeme graduated from one of the top NCDT recognised drama schools, Manchester Metropolitan 'School of Theatre'. Graduating in 2005. Since this time Graeme has worked predominantly in theatre touring UK and Europe Extensively. He has also garnered a positive CV of screen appearances as you can see.
19. Joanne Heeley Joanne Heeley Self, This Is Rockbitch
20. Kathleen Heath Kathleen Heath Actress, Emma
21. Carlos A. Aragon Carlos A. Aragon Location Management, Kill Bill: Vol. 1 Carlos A. Aragon was born in Walsall, England. He grew up in London and moved to Spain when he was 18 years old. he spent the next 4 years living in Spain, working as a bartender before moving back to London to pursue a career in film & television. After spending a year in Post-production, he moved into production so that he would have the opportunity to learn how movies were made...
22. Zoe Dawson Zoe Dawson Actress, Oklahoma!
23. Jack Lester Jack Lester Self, Zoo Quest
24. Wendy Jeffries Wendy Jeffries Actress, Milk
25. George Broadhurst George Broadhurst Writer, The Private Secretary
26. James Hall James Hall Sound Department, Coin Mortis
27. Patrick Brawn Patrick Brawn Writer, Penny Plain
28. Eleanor Simmonds Eleanor Simmonds Self, Breakfast
29. Scott Halls Scott Halls Actor, The Gridiron
30. Bobby Ash Bobby Ash Actor, Uncle Bobby
31. Harry Hinsley Harry Hinsley Self, Sworn to Secrecy: Secrets of War
32. Sheila Jackson Sheila Jackson Costume Designer, The Merry Christmas
33. Veida Draisey Veida Draisey Actress, George & Mildred
33 names.