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1. Helen Baxendale Helen Baxendale Actress, Ordinary Decent Criminal
2. Claire Cooper Claire Cooper Actress, Episode #1.3
3. Carolyn Pickles Carolyn Pickles Actress, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
4. Jean Fergusson Jean Fergusson Actress, Episode #1.7610
5. Janet Davies Janet Davies Actress, Golden Lads and Girls
6. Michael Cumpsty Michael Cumpsty Actor, The Visitor
7. Corrie Greenop Corrie Greenop Director, Demon Baby
8. Adele Stephens Adele Stephens Actress, Superbad Triple Sex Bill
9. Michelle Hardwick Michelle Hardwick Actress, Episode #1.7130
10. Andrew Burt Andrew Burt Actor, Gulliver in Lilliput
11. Mark Burnett Mark Burnett Miscellaneous Crew, Vincent and the Doctor Mark Burnett was born on May 26th, 1990 in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. He is a writer/producer/director. Mark graduated from university with an MA in Film and TV production in 2011. Soon after he wrote his first screenplay "Sleeper" (2012). He has also written, produced and directed two other films, "The Life of Jack" (2015) and "The Time Traveller" (2015).
12. Mark Hall Mark Hall Producer, The BFG
13. Chloe Victoria Chloe Victoria Self, Bootcamp 1 Chloe Victoria appeared on the x-factor. Prior to the x-factor, her first TV appearance was on BBC 3 Snog, marry, avoid. As of October 2014 she lives in her home town of Leeds and has one child. Whilst on the X-factor she made it to boot camp before being eliminated, before the judges houses stage.
14. Marcus Wilson Marcus Wilson Producer, The Day of the Doctor
15. Jane McDonald Jane McDonald Self, The Cruise Jane McDonald grew up in Wakefield, England, UK. Jane's father, Peter, was a miner, who doubled as a chimney-sweep. Jane's mother, Jean, and Jane's grandmother ran a boarding-house in Wakefield. Jane has a brother, Tony, and a sister, Janet. For 12 years, Jane sang in clubs throughout Northern England and on various cruise ships...
16. Annie Hulley Annie Hulley Actress, The Yorkshire Ripper: Mind of a Killer
17. Sarah Whitley Sarah Whitley Self, Roundhay Garden Scene
18. Joseph Whitley Joseph Whitley Self, Roundhay Garden Scene
19. David Storey David Storey Writer, This Sporting Life
20. Johnny Longden Johnny Longden Self, Lucy and the Loving Cup
21. Jayne Sharp Jayne Sharp Self, Episode #1.132
22. David Mercer David Mercer Writer, Family Life
23. Ash Matthews Ash Matthews Actor, Creep
24. Bryony Lavery Bryony Lavery Actress, Body Language
25. Peter Dews Peter Dews Producer, The Monument: Antony and Cleopatra Acts 4 and 5
26. Ryan Jarman Ryan Jarman Soundtrack, Never Back Down Ryan Jarman is the guitarist and vocalist in indie band The Cribs. He was born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire in 1980 and formed The Cribs with twin brother Gary on bass and younger brother Ross on drums when the twins were 9 and Ross was 5. They were signed to Wichita records in 2003 and have released three studio albums; The Cribs in 2004; The New Fellas in 2005 and Men's Needs...
27. George Gissing George Gissing Writer, The Turning Point
28. Terry Webster Terry Webster Self, Terry Webster and Dictionary
29. Priya Kaur-Jones Priya Kaur-Jones Self, Episode dated 9 September 2009
30. Steve McNicholas Steve McNicholas Director, Wild Ocean
31. Billy Nelson Billy Nelson Actor, Mixed Nuts
32. Martin O'Byrne Martin O'Byrne Editor, Fame Academy
33. Ian McNaught-Davis Ian McNaught-Davis Self, Dudh Kosi: Relentless River of Everest
34. Godfrey Talbot Godfrey Talbot Uncategorised
35. Max Hunt Max Hunt Self, Episode dated 9 March 2011
36. Adam Bambrough Adam Bambrough Actor, Coffee
37. Bill Nelson Bill Nelson Composer, Flashlight Dreams and Fleeting Shadows
38. Christopher P. Taylor Christopher P. Taylor Writer, A Cruel Game On May 29, 1981, Christopher Paul Taylor was born and then raised in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK. He was born to parents Paul Taylor, a postal worker, who is now divorced from his mother, Julie Taylor, a bank clerk. He has two younger sisters, Laura Jayne Taylor, an actress, and Katie Marie Taylor...
39. Brian Bagnoll Brian Bagnoll Miscellaneous Crew, Schlupp vom grünen Stern
40. Barbara Hepworth Barbara Hepworth Self, Barbara Hepworth
41. Simon Lacy Simon Lacy Actor, Episode #1.6094
42. Michael Lund Michael Lund Producer, Australian Story
43. Tony Crookes Tony Crookes Actor, Green Street 3: Never Back Down Born in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, UK - to parents Janette and Brian Crookes. Tony has 3 brothers; Jason being the eldest and John and Ben, the two younger ones. Tony is engaged to Actress Leanne Sims, Which they first met Filming. He is also father to Rhys, Caitlin and Isabelle. From an early age...
44. Dan Watts Dan Watts Music Department, Dawn of the Nekross, Part 1
44 names.