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1. Brittney Powell Brittney Powell Actress, Airborne
2. Victoria Paege Victoria Paege Self, Can You Feel It Victoria Paege has been acting since she was just a few months old with her first commercial role for Kimberly Clark. Her desire to act and entertain took her to training in dance, jazz, tap, ballet, gymnastics and karate. In high school she studied drama and performed in several school plays. This led to modeling and her first photo shoot at age 18...
3. Andreas Pietschmann Andreas Pietschmann Actor, Belle and Sebastian
4. Molly Jackson Molly Jackson Miscellaneous Crew, Thor: The Dark World
5. Dirk Nowitzki Dirk Nowitzki Self, Like Mike
6. Chris Palko Chris Palko Soundtrack, Bully
7. Carsten Kurpanek Carsten Kurpanek Editorial Department, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
8. Christian Zübert Christian Zübert Writer, Lammbock
9. Werner Heisenberg Werner Heisenberg Self, Certain of Uncertainty
10. Paul Panzer Paul Panzer Actor, Princess Nicotine; or, The Smoke Fairy Born in Germany in 1872, Paul Panzer spent several years on the stage before entering the film industry with Edison in 1905. He later went to Vitagraph, one of the first actors to work at that studio, but left them in 1911. He directed one film, The Life of Buffalo Bill, with the real Buffalo Bill--aka William F. Cody)--for a small independent company...
11. Magdalena Montezuma Magdalena Montezuma Actress, The Rose King
12. Jean-Luc Julien Jean-Luc Julien Actor, La Vie en Rose
13. Edwin Noel Edwin Noel Actor, Morenga
14. Lorenz Dangel Lorenz Dangel Composer, Hell
15. Christiane Filangieri Christiane Filangieri Actress, Le ragazze di Miss Italia
16. Bernhard Bozian Bernhard Bozian Actor, Episode #1.3066
17. Kent B. Jameson Kent B. Jameson Writer, All She Wishes
18. Waltraud Meier Waltraud Meier Actress, Meeting Venus
19. Gerd Lohmeyer Gerd Lohmeyer Actor, Lea
20. Oliver Tautorat Oliver Tautorat Actor, Dinner for 3 Born 1973 in Würburg, Germany, he moved several times with his parents. He lived for 3 years in Greece, where his mother was born. After finishing high school in 1993 he had several jobs and started acting school in Munich in 1997. He finished school in 2000 and started working in film and off-theatres.
21. Karin Schubert Karin Schubert Self, Abendschau Franken
22. Christiane Nielsen Christiane Nielsen Actress, The Miracle of Father Malachia
23. Karl Ritter Karl Ritter Producer, Patriots
24. Anne Diemer Anne Diemer Actress, Liebeswirren
25. Frank Kühnlein Frank Kühnlein Actor, Ein Geburtstag und vier Liebesbriefe
26. Mia Florentine Weiss Mia Florentine Weiss Actress, Jana Was Here
27. Max Dauthendey Max Dauthendey Writer, The Ring of the Empress
28. Alfred Jodl Alfred Jodl Self, Nuremberg Trials Colonel General Alfred Jodl was Chief of Operations in the High Command of the Wehrmacht from 1940 till the end of the war. At the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial Jodl was charged of approving orders that violated the rules of war. He was found guilty and hanged on 16th October, 1946.
29. Agnes Friedrich Agnes Friedrich Actress, Mütter und Töchter
30. Schani Krug Schani Krug Producer, Marilyn's Man Was a former editor of Parade Magazine, and a freelance photo journalist for the Associated Press and UPI while attending college. He also forged his career working for "Sesame St.," and "The Electric Co.," alongside stars such as Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno, Irene Cara and Morgan Freeman. He has won numerous awards for his photography...
31. Anja Lukaseder Anja Lukaseder Self, Das große Finale
32. Frank-Markus Barwasser Frank-Markus Barwasser Actor, Vorne ist verdammt weit weg
33. Claudia Schmidt Claudia Schmidt Actress, Unter der Sonne
34. Philipp Lothar Mayring Philipp Lothar Mayring Writer, Thank You, Madame
35. Leonhard Frank Leonhard Frank Writer, Hell on Earth
36. Mike Blowers Mike Blowers Self, My Oh My!
37. Frank Muth Frank Muth Actor, Ubit drakona
38. Jutta Ditfurth Jutta Ditfurth Self, Aufsteiger, Absteiger, Absahner - der Politiker-Check 2012
39. Claus Eberth Claus Eberth Actor, Dear Mother, I'm All Right
40. Günther Ziessler Günther Ziessler Actor, Frau Brückl muß sich umstellen
41. Martin Eschenbach Martin Eschenbach Actor, Vorne ist verdammt weit weg
42. Eva Zilcher Eva Zilcher Actress, Dem Himmel näher
43. Ina Halmagyi Ina Halmagyi Actress, Hold-Up
44. Sandra Musaj-Schulze Sandra Musaj-Schulze Actress, Eine alte Rechnung
45. Daniela Eck Daniela Eck Actress, SOS: The Bunnyguards on Board
46. Franz Halder Franz Halder Uncategorised
47. Tony Mayberry Tony Mayberry Self, Minnesota Vikings vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers
48. Holger Göpfert Holger Göpfert Self, 4. Mottoshow - Sexy Songs
49. Eric Murphy Eric Murphy Actor, The InBetween
50. Marie-Theresa Lohr Marie-Theresa Lohr Actress, Das Kettenkarussell
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