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1. Aleksandr Yatsenko Aleksandr Yatsenko Actor, Svobodnoe plavanie
2. Irina Apeksimova Irina Apeksimova Actress, The Saint
3. Anna Chapman Anna Chapman Self, Olive shou 2011
4. Polina Agureeva Polina Agureeva Actress, Eyforiya
5. Albina Dzhanabaeva Albina Dzhanabaeva Self, MTV Russia Music Awards 2008
6. Kirill Zaytsev Kirill Zaytsev Actor, Melanijas hronika Kirill Andreevich Zaitsev is a Russian stage and screen actor. He was born in Volgograd, USSR. From early age he is interested in music (has music education on a guitar class), dancing and playing basketball. He has a younger sister, Valentina Zaitseva. In 2005 he went to St.Petersburg and entered the Admiral Makarov State Maritime Academy...
7. Kamil Larin Kamil Larin Actor, O chyom govoryat muzhchiny
8. Olga Pikhienko Olga Pikhienko Actress, The 84th Annual Academy Awards Olga Pikhienko was born in February 11, 1980 in Volgorad, Russia. She first attended the circus at a tender age of four. Her father was a performer and her mother a costume maker, she longed to tour with them and under her father's guidance Olga trained and became more flexible. In 1992 she was spotted and invited to Paris, she won gold at the Festival Mondial Du Cirque de Demain with her father...
9. Yelena Isinbayeva Yelena Isinbayeva Self, 10th World Championships in Athletics Helsinki 2005 Yelena is an athlete who has set an incredible 27 world records - 15 outdoor and 12 indoor - and won nine straight gold medals in indoor and outdoor championships since breaking through in 2004. On July 22, 2005, she became the first woman to clear the historic 5-metre barrier in the pole vault. Yelena's current world records are 5.06m outdoors...
10. Aleksey Zavyalov Aleksey Zavyalov Actor, Mentovskie voyny - 3
11. Prokhor Shalyapin Prokhor Shalyapin Self, Fabrika zvezd
12. Irina Dubtsova Irina Dubtsova Self, Pesnya goda 2008
13. Ilya Avramenko Ilya Avramenko Writer, Batalon
14. Valery Prosvirov Valery Prosvirov Actor, Lessons of Fate. The Wisdom.
15. Aleksey V. Alekseev Aleksey V. Alekseev Writer, Zona
16. Andreas Hermann Andreas Hermann Actor, Die Maler kommen
17. Alexander Popov Alexander Popov Self, Barcelona 1992: Games of the XXV Olympiad
18. Aserbaydzhan Mambetov Aserbaydzhan Mambetov Director, Gontsy speshat
19. Maxim Marinin Maxim Marinin Self, Turin 2006: XX Olympic Winter Games
19 names.