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1. Hobart Cavanaugh

Actor | A Letter to Three Wives

Worried-looking, balding, moustachioed and usually bespectacled small part character actor, prolific during the 1930s and 40s. Hobart Cavanaugh played downtrodden or henpecked little men -- the perennial victim, forever nervous or bewildered -- to absolute perfection. He was most at home as clerks,...

2. Alphonse Ethier

Actor | Smoke Bellew

Alphonse Ethier was born on December 10, 1874 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA. He was an actor, known for Smoke Bellew (1929), Baby Face (1933) and The Alaskan (1924). He died on January 4, 1943 in Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

3. Thomas N. Heffron

Director | Gretna Green

Heffron never assisted in the direction of any talkie films during his whole career, all of the films he worked on were silent.

4. Carrie Clark Ward

Actress | Daddy-Long-Legs

Carrie Clark Ward was born on January 9, 1862 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA as Carrie Clark-Ward. She was an actress, known for Daddy-Long-Legs (1919), A Fool and His Money (1925) and Old Lady 31 (1920). She was married to Sedley Brown. She died on February 6, 1926 in Hollywood, California, USA.

5. Pearl Sindelar

Actress | Cleopatra

Pearl Sindelar was born on February 5, 1887 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA. She was an actress, known for Cleopatra (1912), The Turning Point (1913) and The Glimpses of the Moon (1923). She was married to Charles Sindelar. She died on July 9, 1958 in Glendale, California, USA.

6. E.H. Young

Animation Department | Thundering Fleas

7. Theodosia Harris

Writer | The House of a Thousand Scandals

Son: David John Knowles (1918-1983).

8. Hayward Ginn

Actor | The Alien

Hayward Ginn was born on September 8, 1878 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA. He was an actor, known for The Alien (1915). He was married to Maude Gilbert. He died on February 14, 1926 in Sawtell, California, USA.

9. Kay Sherris

Broadway Bill

Kay Sherris was born on March 20, 1888 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA as Kathleen Luke. She was an actress, known for Broadway Bill (1934), Jealousy (1934) and I'll Fix It (1934). She died on December 5, 1955 in Alameda, California, USA.

10. Frank Young

Special Effects | Captain Caution

Frank Young was born on December 29, 1889 in Virginia City, Nevada, USA as Frank William Young. He was a cinematographer and actor, known for Captain Caution (1940), Broadway Limited (1941) and The Prisoner of Zenda (1913). He died on July 5, 1951 in Los Angeles, California, USA.

10 names.