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1. Romain Gary Romain Gary Writer, The Roots of Heaven
2. Jascha Heifetz Jascha Heifetz Soundtrack, Schindler's List Jascha Heifetz came to the USA in 1917, became a citizen in 1925, and joined ASCAP in 1937. He was educated at the Royal School of Music in Vilna (which he entered at five and from which he graduated at nine), the St. Petersburg Conservatory (with Leopold Auer, earning an Honorary Music Degree), the New York College of Music...
3. Wladyslaw Starewicz Wladyslaw Starewicz Director, The Revenge of a Kinematograph Cameraman Although his name nowadays means very little except to animation buffs (and even they have to be pretty well informed), Wladyslaw Starewicz ranks alongside Walt Disney, as one of the great animation pioneers, and his career started nearly a decade before Disney's. He became an animator by accident - fascinated by insects...
4. Maurice Cass Maurice Cass Actor, Charlie Chan at the Opera Maurice Cass was born on October 12, 1884, in Vilnius, Lithuania (then Vilno, Russian Empire). He emigrated to the USA, and in his pursuit of an acting career, he began as announcer and comedian in New York. Cass had a pleasant face, a small body and a big voice. With his nearsightedness and his inevitable pince-nez adding weight to his intelligent face...
5. Shimen Ruskin Shimen Ruskin Actor, Fiddler on the Roof
6. Shmuel Rodensky Shmuel Rodensky Actor, The Odessa File
7. Abram Room Abram Room Director, Tretya meshchanskaya
8. Joseph Buloff Joseph Buloff Actor, Somebody Up There Likes Me
9. Alexander Schneider Alexander Schneider Self, The Kennedy Center Honors: A Celebration of the Performing Arts
10. Moe Jaffe Moe Jaffe Soundtrack, Predestination Songwriter ("Bell Bottom Trousers", "The Gypsy in My Soul", "If You Are But a Dream", "I'm My Own Grandpaw"), composer and author. He came to the USA in 1902 and was educated at the Wharton School and the University of Pennsylvania Law School, where he wrote Mask & Wig shows. He wrote songs for Broadway musicals...
11. Wanda Stanislawska-Lothe Wanda Stanislawska-Lothe Actress, A Trip Down the River
12. Waclaw Zastrzezynski Waclaw Zastrzezynski Actor, Ashes and Diamonds
13. Marc Sorkin Marc Sorkin Editor, Pictura
14. Saul Martell Saul Martell Actor, Yours for a Dream
15. Alexander Asro Alexander Asro Actor, Room Service
16. Ivan Abramson Ivan Abramson Writer, Forbidden Fruit Born in Russia in 1869, Ivan Abramson emigrated to the US while in his 20s. He went to work for Jewish newspapers. He became interested in the film business and in 1914 founded Ivan Film Productions. He produced several successful films, and even went into business with William Randolph Hearst to form the Graphic Film Corp...
17. Gotlib Roninson Gotlib Roninson Actor, Watch Out for the Automobile
18. Mikhail Doller Mikhail Doller Director, The End of St. Petersburg
19. Czeslaw Wollejko Czeslaw Wollejko Actor, Young Chopin
20. Zvi Kolitz Zvi Kolitz Writer, Hill 24 Doesn't Answer
21. Sergei Yermolinsky Sergei Yermolinsky Writer, Neulovimye mstiteli
22. Konstanty Kruglowski Konstanty Kruglowski Actor, Tajemnica panny Brinx
23. Aldona Pawlowska Aldona Pawlowska Actress, Dancing w kwaterze Hitlera
24. Aldona Jasinska Aldona Jasinska Actress, Kobiety nad przepascia
25. Josef Bonime Josef Bonime Soundtrack, Blood: The Last Vampire Composer, pianist, teacher and conductor, he came to the USA as a child. Educated at CCNY and Juillard, he toured as a piano accompanist to Mischa Elman and Eugene Ysaye. In the 1920s he recorded for Vitaphone talkies, and arranged music for film short subjects. He conducted the orchestra for radio programs from 1925...
26. Irving Cohen Irving Cohen Self, Episode dated 11 June 1952
27. Leonidas Ossetynski Leonidas Ossetynski Actor, The Man in the Glass Booth
28. Dagmar Godowsky Dagmar Godowsky Actress, The Trap
29. Horace Goldin Horace Goldin Self, Stars on Parade
30. Georgi Beryozko Georgi Beryozko Writer, If War Comes Tomorrow
31. Tadeusz Korecki Tadeusz Korecki Cinematographer, Zaczarowany rower
32. Oda Slobodskaya Oda Slobodskaya Actress, Mozart
33. Jan Hawrylkiewicz Jan Hawrylkiewicz Art Department, Pharaoh
34. Maria Malanowicz-Niedzielska Maria Malanowicz-Niedzielska Actress, Geniusz sceny
35. Arno Nadel Arno Nadel Music Department, Hebrew Melody
36. Alfred Lodzinski Alfred Lodzinski Actor, Pharaoh
37. Józef Wasilewski Józef Wasilewski Actor, Trudna milosc
38. Wanda Osterwina Wanda Osterwina Actress, Przez pieklo
39. Vasili Kachalov Vasili Kachalov Actor, Propavshaya gramota
40. Nadia Reisenberg Nadia Reisenberg Actress, Carnegie Hall
41. Antoni Bohdziewicz Antoni Bohdziewicz Director, Zemsta
42. Bronislawa Frejtazanka Bronislawa Frejtazanka Actress, Raj na ziemi
43. Henryk Labunski Henryk Labunski Actor, Podhale w ogniu
44. Joseph Rumshinsky Joseph Rumshinsky Soundtrack, Dummy
45. Józef Czerniawski Józef Czerniawski Actor, Pharaoh
46. Wladyslaw Ilcewicz Wladyslaw Ilcewicz Actor, Ostatnia eskapada
47. Morris Gest Morris Gest Actor, Camille
48. Gustaw Buszynski Gustaw Buszynski Actor, Love or a Kingdom
49. Yamima Tschernovitz Yamima Tschernovitz Writer, Shemona B'Ekevot Ahat
50. Antoni Uniechowski Antoni Uniechowski Costume Designer, Dziadek do orzechów
1-50 of 56 names.