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1. Benjamin Biolay Benjamin Biolay Actor, Pourquoi tu pleures?
2. Gaël Morel Gaël Morel Writer, Full Speed
3. Raymond Depardon Raymond Depardon Director, The 10th Judicial Court: Judicial Hearings Raymond Depardon is a photographer, a journalist and a filmmaker, but, above all, his eyes view humans with compassion. He respects others and is kind with the reality of their lives. He was born into a family of farmers in 1942 in Burgundy and went to Paris in 1958, wishing to be a photographer. He...
4. Maurice Baquet Maurice Baquet Actor, Z Maurice Baquet is a multi-talented man: gifted cellist (1st prize at the Conservatoire de Paris), Skier (member of the 1936 French Olympic Team), mountain climber(this talent used in several movies, including 'Premier de Cordée'). He attracted poet 'Jacques Prevet''s attention when riding on his bicycle...
5. Noël Deschamps Noël Deschamps Self, Vibrato
6. Marcel Fradetal Marcel Fradetal Cinematographer, Le sang des bêtes
7. Laurent Balandras Laurent Balandras Music Department, Les témoins
7 names.