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1. Terence Hill Terence Hill Actor, Don Matteo Terence Hill was born as Mario Girotti on March 29, 1939 in Venice, Italy to a chemist. His mother was German, and as a child the family lived near Dresden, Saxony, Germany where they survived the Allied bombings of World War II. Italian film-maker Dino Risi discovered him at a swimming meet and he made his first film at the age of 12...
2. Malisa Longo Malisa Longo Actress, The Way of the Dragon Malisa Longo was introduced to the world of art in her native city of Venice very young, where she took her first steps as a poet and painter. It's 1968 and the city enjoyed one of its most experimental cultural upheaval that focused in the development of the Academy and in the Biennale. In this highly creative atmosphere...
3. Debora Caprioglio Debora Caprioglio Actress, Paprika
4. Antonio Vivaldi Antonio Vivaldi Soundtrack, The Grand Budapest Hotel Being the son of a violinist Vivaldi started playing the violin himself early in his life. In 1703 he became priest and in 1716 the director of a conservatory of the church in Venice. Being a famous violinist he gave concerts all over Europe also composing a lot of violin concerts and other string works. There is not much information about his life only that he died in poverty in Vienna.
5. Antonio Salieri Antonio Salieri Soundtrack, Iron Man Antonio Salieri was born in 1750 into a prosperous Italian family of merchants. He studied harpsichord and violin from an early age, and after the death of his parents, continued his music studies in Venice. His talent was noticed by Viennise composer Florian Grassman, who invited him to Vienna, where Salieri remained for the rest of his life...
6. Francesco Carnelutti Francesco Carnelutti Actor, The Da Vinci Code
7. Mara Venier Mara Venier Self, L'isola dei famosi
8. Mino Doro Mino Doro Actor,
9. Tomaso Albinoni Tomaso Albinoni Soundtrack, Manchester by the Sea Albinoni was a prolific composer, although little of his music has remained well known today. He was influential in the development of the instrumental concerto, especially for solo violin. He was the son of a wealthy paper merchant in Venice, and chose to lead life as a dilettante rather than seek employment with church or court.
10. Domiziano Arcangeli Domiziano Arcangeli Actor, Natural Born Filmmakers Arcangeli was discovered in 1979 by photographer Helmut Newton in Venice, Italy, where he used to live: some of the photographs made the covers of international magazines. Arcangeli became a fashion model during the 1980s, and he was called by Federico Fellini at Cinecittà Studios in Rome for a screen test to play the young lead of a movie that eventually was unfortunately never made...
11. Raffaella Panichi Raffaella Panichi Actress, Dove cadono le ombre
12. Piero Vida Piero Vida Actor, Nostalgia
13. Edy Angelillo Edy Angelillo Actress, In viaggio con papà
14. Lino Toffolo Lino Toffolo Actor, Brancaleone alle Crociate
15. Giacomo Casanova Giacomo Casanova Writer, Fellini's Casanova Born to acting parents, Casanova was a sickly child and was raised almost entirely by his grandmother. As a young man, he went to Padua to board with a Doctor Gozzi, and fell in love with Gozzi's younger sister, Bettina. After learning his first lessons about women, Casanova set out as an adventurer across Europe...
16. Gianpaolo Saccarola Gianpaolo Saccarola Actor, ...E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà
17. Maria Roveran Maria Roveran Actress, Questi giorni
18. Lauretta Masiero Lauretta Masiero Actress, The Voyage of Captain Fracassa
19. Carlo Goldoni Carlo Goldoni Writer, Miranda
20. Antonio Canova Antonio Canova Art Department, The Queen's Palaces
21. Kazimierz Junosza-Stepowski Kazimierz Junosza-Stepowski Actor, Znachor
22. Loredana Loredana Actress, La gondola del diavolo
23. Roberto Cicutto Roberto Cicutto Producer, Hotel Rwanda
24. Maria Perego Maria Perego Animation Department, The World of Topo Gigio
25. Lorenzo da Ponte Lorenzo da Ponte Writer, The Shawshank Redemption
26. Gianni Da Campo Gianni Da Campo Director, Il sapore del grano
27. Francesco Maria Piave Francesco Maria Piave Writer, La traviata
28. Mario Bardella Mario Bardella Actor, Giordano Bruno
29. Dani Donadi Dani Donadi Composer, Cassadaga Dani was born in Treviso (near Venice), Italy. After studying composition, orchestration and sound engineering in Italy and France, he moved to the United States in 1988. He has worked for the Walt Disney Company as a musical artist and has produced the internationally acclaimed CD collection Relaxing With Nature...
30. Fausto Tommei Fausto Tommei Actor, Festival di San Remo 1956
31. Luca Spanio Luca Spanio Producer, The Light Path
32. Cristina Bugatty Cristina Bugatty Self, Pechino Express
33. Gianni Galavotti Gianni Galavotti Actor, Calderon
34. Federica Pellegrini Federica Pellegrini Self, Quelli che... il calcio
35. Giovanni Zannini Giovanni Zannini Director, Lo spettro di mezzanotte
36. Silvan Silvan Self, Il trappolone
37. Bruno Maderna Bruno Maderna Composer, Death Laid an Egg
38. Rossella Seno Rossella Seno Actress, Crazy Blood
39. Lucio Scarpa Lucio Scarpa Producer, Wagner in Venice
40. Anita Farra Anita Farra Actress, Story of a Love Affair
41. Luigi Scaccianoce Luigi Scaccianoce Production Designer, The Gospel According to St. Matthew
42. Mario Ambrosino Mario Ambrosino Costume Designer, The Sunday Woman
43. Benedetto Marcello Benedetto Marcello Composer, Gran Torino
44. Maria Giovanna Maglie Maria Giovanna Maglie Self, L'isola dei famosi
45. Gian Francesco Malipiero Gian Francesco Malipiero Composer, Acciaio
46. Federico Caldura Federico Caldura Writer, The World of Topo Gigio
47. Virgilio Zernitz Virgilio Zernitz Actor, Gli ultimi giorni dell'umanità
48. Caterino Mazzolà Caterino Mazzolà Writer, La clemenza di Tito
49. Baldassare Galuppi Baldassare Galuppi Music Department, Valmont
50. Gianfranco Bettin Gianfranco Bettin Writer, Nemmeno il destino
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