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1. George Baker George Baker Actor, The Spy Who Loved Me
2. Marian Valev Marian Valev Actor, Granitza
3. Ivo Arakov Ivo Arakov Actor, Company of Heroes
4. Dessy Tenekedjieva Dessy Tenekedjieva Actress, The Profession of Arms
5. Ivaylo Grancharov Ivaylo Grancharov Actor, The Expendables 3
6. Lubomir Bakchev Lubomir Bakchev Cinematographer, 2 Days in Paris
7. Yasen Peyankov Yasen Peyankov Actor, Transformers: Dark of the Moon The Bulgarian actor arrived in the United States in 1990 and as almost every immigrant startet as a dishwasher in Chicago but very soon found his place as a co-founder of the newly established European Repertory Company. Since 2002 Yasen Peyankov has been one of the members of the Steppenwolf Theatre Company ensemble...
8. Filipp Kirkorov Filipp Kirkorov Self, MTV Russia Music Awards 2008
9. Nikolai Urumov Nikolai Urumov Actor, The World is Big and Salvation Lurks Around the Corner Born on 6th of June 1963 in Kavarna. Married, with 1 child. In 1990 graduated from High Institute for Theater and Film Art "KR. Sarafov" in Sofia - Masters of Acting in the class of Prof. N. Lutzkanov. Till now he has played 32 theater roles in "Sofia" theater, in the State Satire theater, in the National Theater "Ivan Vazov"...
10. Krasen Belev Krasen Belev Actor, Somebody Told Me
11. Milen Penev Milen Penev Actor, The Goat Horn
12. Stefan Mavrodiyev Stefan Mavrodiyev Actor, The Goat Horn
13. Michel Mitrani Michel Mitrani Director, Black Thursday
14. Hristo Dimitrov Hristo Dimitrov Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Expendables 2
15. Kiril Gospodinov Kiril Gospodinov Actor, Trimata ot zapasa
16. Hristo Garbov Hristo Garbov Actor, Tishina
17. Bozhidar Lechev Bozhidar Lechev Actor, The Goat Horn
18. Stoyan Aleksiev Stoyan Aleksiev Actor, Za kude putuvate
19. Ilina Alexandrova Ilina Alexandrova Miscellaneous Crew, The Expendables 2
20. Ana-Maria Yanakieva Ana-Maria Yanakieva Self, X Factor: Bulgaria
21. Borislav Kolev Borislav Kolev Director, Stoichkov Borislav Kolev is a well-known Bulgarian film journalist and critic, with significant experience as screenwriter and script consultant before his directorial debut, the documentary film Stoichkov (2012), turned into an unprecedented box-office phenomenon. Screenings around and world and invitations to the most established festivals followed...
22. Ivan Kondov Ivan Kondov Actor, Pod edno nebe
23. Krystjo Lafazanov Krystjo Lafazanov Actor, Az grafinyata
24. Ana Prodanova Ana Prodanova Art Director, All the Lost Souls
25. Zhanina Dragostinova Zhanina Dragostinova Actress, Lagerat
26. Kiril Slavov Kiril Slavov Actor, Herlock Sholmes s'en mêle
27. Onik Sarkisyan Onik Sarkisyan Actor, Maxim
28. Yanko Georgiev Yanko Georgiev Actor, Kashtata
29. Veliko Stoianov Veliko Stoianov Actor, Mila from Mars Veliko Stoianov is a worthy emissary of Bulgarian Cinema. His characters are from the Wild West and the Middle Ages, from the seaside and the mountains, from the time of the great Bulgarian Kings and from modern times. He has graduated from National Academy of Theatre and Film Art, Sofia, Bulgaria in 1973 and went to work at theatre...
30. Lilyana Kovacheva Lilyana Kovacheva Actress, Kamionat
31. Narziß Sokatscheff Narziß Sokatscheff Actor, Flucht nach Berlin
32. Bistra Marcheva Bistra Marcheva Actress, Spirka 'Berlin'
33. Tzvetan Alexiev Tzvetan Alexiev Actor, Chernata lyastovitza
34. Atanas Kiryakov Atanas Kiryakov Director, Tzyar
35. Ivan Yordanov Ivan Yordanov Actor, Cyklopat
36. Marin Yanev Marin Yanev Actor, The Goat Horn
37. Evgeni Konstantinov Evgeni Konstantinov Writer, Na vseki kilometar
38. Stiliyan Parushev Stiliyan Parushev Director, Agantzeto
39. Todor Kirilov Georgiew Todor Kirilov Georgiew Actor, Pilot
40. Albena Petrova Albena Petrova Animation Department, Pettson & Findus - Katten och gubbens år
41. Petar Vuchkov Petar Vuchkov Actor, Ezop
42. Katya Filipova Katya Filipova Actress, Nachaloto na edna vakantziya
43. Lyubomir Bobchevski Lyubomir Bobchevski Actor, Lyubimetz 13
44. Kaludi Kaludov Kaludi Kaludov Actor, Attila
45. Boris Neshev Boris Neshev Production Designer, Yan Bibiyan
46. Stefan Mutafchiev Stefan Mutafchiev Production Manager, One More Dream
47. Sotir Maynolovski Sotir Maynolovski Actor, Tuvalu
47 names.