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1. Evelyn Ankers Evelyn Ankers Actress, The Wolf Man Evelyn Ankers, a beautiful movie actress who was a staple of Universal's horror films in the 1940s, was born in Chile to English parents in 1918. Her parents repatriated the family back to England in the 1920s, and it was in Old Blighty that Ankers developed a desire to become an actress. She began appearing in small roles in English movies in the mid-1930s while she was still in school...
2. Tom Araya Tom Araya Self, Metal: A Headbanger's Journey
3. Florence Saunders Florence Saunders Actress, The Wandering Jew
4. Roberto Rey Roberto Rey Actor, The Dancer and the Worker
5. Alfredo del Diestro Alfredo del Diestro Actor, Godfather Mendoza
6. Noberto Kerner Noberto Kerner Actor, Company Man
7. Paula Larrain Paula Larrain Self, Anne-Mette Rasmussen
8. George Howe George Howe Actor, The Fifth Paper
9. Rafael Frontaura Rafael Frontaura Actor, Rigoberto
10. Fernando Gallardo Fernando Gallardo Actor, Historias de fútbol
11. Sebastián Alarcón Sebastián Alarcón Director, Noch nad Chili
12. Manfred Max-Neef Manfred Max-Neef Self, Episode dated 5 August 2013
13. Celso Munoz Celso Munoz Editor, No Where No One
14. Marcel Ventura Marcel Ventura Actor, La veuve joyeuse
15. Ismenia Mateos Ismenia Mateos Actress, Dueto do Trovador
16. Francisco Munoz Francisco Munoz Camera and Electrical Department, The Storm in My Heart
17. Manuel del Valle Manuel del Valle Director, Querido sol
18. Andrea Josten Andrea Josten Self, Deutschland sucht den Superstar
19. Ángel Parra Ángel Parra Composer, El descanso
19 names.