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1. Inés Sastre Inés Sastre Actress, Vidocq Ines Sastre was born in Valladolid (Spain). Her career began age 12, when she was selected to appear in a fast-food commercial. This appearance led her to be noticed by the producer Carlos Saura, who chose her to play in "El Dorado" with Lambert Wilson (1987). The film made the official selection of the Cannes Film Festival in 1988, this marked the beginning of her international acting career...
2. Concha Velasco Concha Velasco Actress, Km. 0 - Kilometer Zero Concha Velasco studied dancing and became an actress in a revue with Celia Gámez. In 1954 she made her film debut with roles in several minor films. At the end of the regime of dictator Francisco Franco she worked with director Pedro Olea, among others, in higher-quality films, such as Torment and Pim, Pam, Pum... Fire!...
3. Elvira Mínguez Elvira Mínguez Actress, Tapas
4. Emilio Gutiérrez Caba Emilio Gutiérrez Caba Actor, Common Wealth Parents: Emilio Gutierrez (actor) and Irene Caba Alba (actress). Brother of the actresses Irene and Julia. He studies philosophy and begins in the universitary theater. He debuts in theater in 1962 and in cinema in 1963.
5. Enrique Gato Enrique Gato Director, Tad, the Lost Explorer
6. Nacho López Nacho López Actor, Episode #1.12
7. Manuel Velasco Manuel Velasco Cinematographer, Sombras en una batalla
8. Patricia Conde Patricia Conde Self, Los mejores momentos de 'Sé lo que hicisteis' Patricia Conde is the second of three children. She has a sister named Naomi two years older and a brother three years younger named Ruben. Her sister Naomi lives in Barcelona with her boyfriend Carlos and works in the Spanish Air Force as a soldier at a military base air traffic control and his brother Ruben lives in Madrid and is a cameraman on her TV show...
9. Lola Herrera Lola Herrera Actress, Sinfonía desconcertante
10. Jorge Calvo Jorge Calvo Actor, Bear Cub
11. Ágata Lys Ágata Lys Actress, Familia Actress (b. Valladolid, Spain, Dec. 3, 1953). After having studied simultaneously Philosophy and Art and Speech (both careers remained unfinished), she became a household name overnight as one of the pretty and "bespectacled" hostesses of the top-rated TV contest "1, 2, 3, Responda Otra Vez", where she popularized what was going to be her early screen persona: platinum blonde-dyed hair...
12. María Luisa Ponte María Luisa Ponte Actress, Voyage to Nowhere
13. Francisco Regueiro Francisco Regueiro Writer, Madregilda
14. Eva Marciel Eva Marciel Actress, The Good Boy
15. Emilio Laguna Emilio Laguna Actor, Watch Out, We're Mad
16. Cesáreo Estébanez Cesáreo Estébanez Actor, The Night of the Sunflowers
17. Pedro Peña Pedro Peña Actor, Dulce
18. Daniel V. Villamediana Daniel V. Villamediana Writer, The Blue Bull
19. Eva Martín Eva Martín Actress, Episode dated 29 July 2011
20. Ricardo A. Solla Ricardo A. Solla Director, Miénteme... Dime que me quieres
21. Alberto Morais Alberto Morais Producer, Las olas
22. Lucía Quintana Lucía Quintana Actress, Todas las mujeres
23. Pablo Viña Pablo Viña Actor, Plans for Tomorrow
24. Helena Bianco Helena Bianco Self, Corrida Musical
25. Juanjo Pardo Juanjo Pardo Self, Bailando y cantando contigo
26. Marta Valverde Marta Valverde Actress, Viva la risa
27. Manu Carreño Manu Carreño Self, Episode dated 27 February 2002
28. Jaime Alonso de Linaje Jaime Alonso de Linaje Director, La guarida del ermitaño
29. José Pedro Carrión José Pedro Carrión Actor, Their Golden Years
30. Jesús R. Delgado Jesús R. Delgado Director, La viuda negra
31. Fabio León Fabio León Actor, Cuerpo a cuerpo
32. Lourdes Bartolomé Lourdes Bartolomé Actress, La spagnola
33. Sergio Sánchez Sergio Sánchez Actor, Final Evaluation Sergio Sánchez Shaw was born in Valladolid, where he took his first steps as an actor. He graduated in Dramatic Art for the Dramatic Arts School and the Artistic Education Consortium of Valladolid. After that, determined to forge his dream career on stage, he moved to Barcelona, and lastly, to Madrid...
34. Miguel Delibes Miguel Delibes Writer, The Holy Innocents
35. Santiago Vázquez Santiago Vázquez Actor, Un mundo para ellos
36. Alberto Vázquez Alberto Vázquez Actor, Bulgarian Lovers
37. José Luis Alonso de Santos José Luis Alonso de Santos Writer, Going Down in Morocco
38. Arturo López Arturo López Actor, El solar de mediacapa
39. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero Self, Episode dated 4 October 2007
40. Mariemma Bardi Mariemma Bardi Actress, Bitter Rice
41. Marta Tébar Marta Tébar Actress, Mujeres en el parque
42. Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Miguel Ángel Rodríguez Self, Televisión pública: políticos al mando
43. Daniel Hernández Daniel Hernández Director, FC Barcelona Confidential
44. Guillermo Casta Guillermo Casta Actor, 24 con Pepa y Avelino Biligual Spanish actor born in Valladolid, Spain. Studied Dramatic Arts at Cristina Rota's Studio in Madrid (2003 to 2007). Then started to work as an actor with the company of theater "Nada DE teatro" and "El Show the two Man" performed by 4 actors.
45. Fernando García Tola Fernando García Tola Self, Si yo fuera presidente Fernando Garcia Tola remains one of the most important figures in the Spanish Television of the transition era. His poignant and witty criticism on politics and society along with his versatility in directing, producing and conducting different kinds of programs, his writings and his love for painting present him as an unforgettable personality in the world of Spanish Tv and radio communication...
46. Aitor Trigos Aitor Trigos Self, Episode dated 17 October 2007
47. Justino Sinova Justino Sinova Self, Episode dated 15 May 2010
48. Maribel Carro Maribel Carro Actress, Papeles
49. Jorge Guillén Jorge Guillén Writer, Chillida
50. Elena Fortuny Elena Fortuny Actress, Les dues vides d'Andrés Rabadán
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