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1. Gemma Marin Gemma Marin Actress, Stuck to Your Pillow
2. Antonio Mayans Antonio Mayans Actor, Al Pereira vs. the Alligator Ladies
3. Juan Piquer Simón Juan Piquer Simón Writer, Slugs Juan Piquer Simon (who goes by "J.P. Simon" on foreign releases) resides in Madrid, Spain, where he has produced and directed "exploitation" pictures for two decades running. He owns his own studio and creates and/or designs many of the impressive special effects sequences you see in any of his many imaginative undertakings...
4. Pablo Chiapella Pablo Chiapella Actor, La que se avecina
5. José Iturbi José Iturbi Actor, Anchors Aweigh Temperamental, volatile Spanish-born pianist and conductor whose life and career were varied and often controversial. Born in Valencia, he was a child prodigy, giving piano recitals by the age of seven and supplementing the family income by playing for up to 14 hours daily at a silent cinema theatre...
6. Luis García Berlanga Luis García Berlanga Writer, El verdugo Berlanga commenced his studies in Valencia in1928, although in 1929 his family sent him and his brother Fernando (due to a lung disease) to the Beau-soleil hospital school in Switzerland. In 1930, he returned to the San José School in Valencia where he stayed until 1931, the year in which the Jesuits were expelled from Spain...
7. Francisco Bosch Francisco Bosch Actor, Alexander
8. Jorge Mistral Jorge Mistral Actor, Las inquietudes de Shanti Andía He was a Spanish actor; his father was from Puerto Rico and his mother from Catalonia. His debut in theater was in 1943 and in cinema in 1944. At the end of the fifties he lived in South America. He committed suicide with a gunshot while living in Mexico City, Mexico.
9. Vicente Parra Vicente Parra Actor, La semana del asesino
10. Enrique Arce Enrique Arce Actor, Beyond Re-Animator
11. Candela Márquez Candela Márquez Actress, Muchacha italiana viene a casarse
12. José Sancho José Sancho Actor, Cuéntame
13. Enrique Rambal Enrique Rambal Actor, The Exterminating Angel
14. María Lidón María Lidón Director, Stranded
15. Raúl Prieto Raúl Prieto Actor, Que Dios nos perdone
16. Patricia Montero Patricia Montero Actress, Yo soy Bea
17. Erika Sanz Erika Sanz Actress, Un paso adelante
18. Bebe Bebe Soundtrack, Aída
19. Joaquín Rodrigo Joaquín Rodrigo Soundtrack, School of Rock Joaquin Rodrigo was born on November 22, 1901, in Sagunto, Valencia, Spain. He was blinded by complications from diphtheria when he was three years old. His condition did not improve after a surgery and then glaucoma blinded him completely. Rodrigo confessed without regret, that his blindness predisposed him to music...
20. Iván Martínez-Rufat Iván Martínez-Rufat Sound Department, Bakery in Brooklyn Spanish Sound Designer, Sound Re-recording Mixer and Sound Editor, with an extensive experience in sound design for visual media. He has his own mobile equipment (DAW) for edit or premix where it is needed. Freelance as well as the owner of the company Ivan Sound and partner at Godfader. Active member of the AES.
21. Antonio Molino Rojo Antonio Molino Rojo Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
22. Olga Alamán Olga Alamán Actress, Amar en tiempos revueltos
23. Antonio Hortelano Antonio Hortelano Actor, SMS, sin miedo a soñar
24. David Marqués David Marqués Director, Aislados
25. Juan Calvo Juan Calvo Actor, Marcelino pan y vino
26. Amparo Iturbi Amparo Iturbi Actress, Two Girls and a Sailor
27. Nani Jiménez Nani Jiménez Actress, Tres días
28. Lisardo Guarinos Lisardo Guarinos Actor, Cuando me enamoro
29. Emmanuel Esparza Emmanuel Esparza Actor, Yo soy Bea
30. Calvi Pabon Calvi Pabon Actress, East L.A. King
31. Pablo Motos Pablo Motos Director, El hormiguero Born in Requena (Valencia, Spain) in 1965, this versatile showman has worked from young age on the local radio (Radio Requena) as newsreader and conductor. Shortly after his work at the local radio, he was engaged to work for the Spanish National Radio and then for Onda cero, another radio station in Spain broadcasting in the whole country...
32. Anita Blanch Anita Blanch Actress, La barraca
33. Amparo Edo Biol Amparo Edo Biol Music Department, El Niño Composer and Conductor from Valencia, Spain based in Los Angeles, California. She has composed, orchestrated, conducted and arranged music for many film and television projects in Spain, USA, Turkey and Romania. She has recorded French horn for several albums in USA and Spain, including Grammy nominated "Providencia" by Danilo Pérez...
34. Sigfrid Monleón Sigfrid Monleón Director, El cónsul de Sodoma
35. Rafael Rivelles Rafael Rivelles Actor, Marcelino pan y vino
36. Pau Martínez Pau Martínez Director, Omar Martínez
37. Iris Lezcano Iris Lezcano Actress, Sin tetas no hay paraíso
38. Ismael Merlo Ismael Merlo Actor, The Hunt His professional debut took place in 1934 with the Enrique Rambal company, in a spectacular production of "Around the World in 80 Days." After the Spanish Civil War ended, he became part of the Isabel Garcés company Between 1940 and 1943, while he also played important roles in various films. However...
39. Vicente Escrivá Vicente Escrivá Writer, Balarrasa
40. José Baviera José Baviera Actor, The Exterminating Angel
41. Gina Snake Gina Snake Actress, Fake Taxi
42. Vicente Villanueva Vicente Villanueva Director, La rubia de Pinos Puente
43. Sandra Cervera Sandra Cervera Actress, El secreto de Puente Viejo
44. María Luisa Merlo María Luisa Merlo Actress, Es ley de vida
45. Lola Cardona Lola Cardona Actress, Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!
46. Carlos Vasallo Carlos Vasallo Producer, Intruso
47. Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Vicente Blasco Ibáñez Writer, Blood and Sand
48. Conchita Gentil Arcos Conchita Gentil Arcos Actress, Illusion Travels by Streetcar Spanish-born supporting actress of the '30s-50s, usually playing somebody's aunt, neighbor, or servant. A bit friendlier-looking than her sister, María Gentil Arcos, although she did play a killer in The Crying Woman.
49. María Almudéver María Almudéver Actress, Comida para gatos
50. Amparo Martí Amparo Martí Actress, La tonta del bote She was the descendant of a family of actors. She debuted in the theater at age 11 with "La alondra y el milano (The Lark and the Kite)" which ran for three years all over Spain. She later worked with Pedro Zorrilla, Mary Mayor and Ricardo Calvo theatre companies. Later on she formed his own company together with her husband actor Francisco Pierrá...
1-50 of 277 names.