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1. Jennie Garth Jennie Garth Actress, Beverly Hills, 90210 Jennifer Eve Garth was born on April 3rd, 1972 in Urbana, Illionis, USA to John and Carolyn Garth, who both had 3 children each from different marriages, before they had Jennie. She grew up on a 25-acre horse ranch outside Urbana, Illinois with her 6 older siblings: Johnny, Chuck, Lisa, Cammie, Wendy and Lynn...
2. Ken Baumann Ken Baumann Actor, The Secret Life of the American Teenager
3. Roger Ebert Roger Ebert Self, Siskel & Ebert Roger Joseph Ebert was the all-time best-known, most successful movie critic in cinema history, when one thinks of his establishing a rapport with both serious cineastes and the movie-going public and reaching more movie fans via television and print than any other critic. He became the first and only movie critic to win a Pulitzer Prize (it would be 28 years before another film critic...
4. Austin Lysy Austin Lysy Actor, Garden State
5. Anne Tremko Anne Tremko Actress, Saved by the Bell: The College Years
6. Virginia Sale Virginia Sale Actress, Topper
7. Mark Roberts Mark Roberts Writer, Two and a Half Men
8. Kenny Chaplin Kenny Chaplin Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Body of Lies
9. August Zirner August Zirner Actor, The Counterfeiters Born in the USA. His father, a Jewish immigrant, was head of the Opera Department of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Illinois. The Zirners lived on Burlison Drive in Urbana, Illinois. Back in Europe Zirner studied at the "Max-Reinhardt-Seminar". Lives with his spouse, actress Katalin Zsigmondy, and their four children at the Chiemsee.
10. Christopher H. Warner Christopher H. Warner Production Manager, Narcos
11. Richard Dunn Richard Dunn Self, Gettin' it Dunn with Richard Dunn
12. Chad Patton Chad Patton Actor, WWE Raw
13. Ryan E. Heppe Ryan E. Heppe Producer, The Magic Was in the Music For more than twelve years, Ryan E. Heppe has been writing, producing, editing and directing feature motion pictures, film shorts, industrial and educational videos, commercials and documentaries. Ryan began his sojourn into the world of entertainment at a small PBS affiliate in east central Illinois...
14. Brock Hammitt Brock Hammitt Editorial Department, The Magic of Belle Isle
15. Matt Janes Matt Janes Producer, Kissing Jessica Stein
16. Tim Maloney Tim Maloney Visual Effects, Orange County
17. Patrick Norton Patrick Norton Self, The Screen Savers
18. Andrew M. Edwards Andrew M. Edwards Composer, '85: The Greatest Team in Pro Football History Andrew Edwards is a Chicago-based film and theatre composer. He is the owner of the Blue Police Box Music studio on Chicago's north side, and an adjunct professor of film music in Columbia College Chicago's MFA Music Composition for the Screen program. As a film composer, Drew has composed the music for a number of feature length films and documentaries...
19. Harvey Silikovitz Harvey Silikovitz Actor, Copy That Harvey Silikovitz grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. He is a practicing lawyer in New York City who has an interest in performing. While he most frequently realizes this interest through karaoke singing (which he does under the stage name of "H-Bomb"), he has also appeared in three independent films.
20. Tim Carras Tim Carras Visual Effects, The Fighter
21. Christopher Dusendschon Christopher Dusendschon Visual Effects, Crash Christopher Dusendschön is a Filmmaker and a Hollywood visual effects veteran. He is also a prolific artist and designer. Mr. Dusendschön came to the motion picture business with a mixture of highly technical and extensive fine arts backgrounds. Apart from a 'much storied and chequered past', he is best known for his technical contributions to hundreds of feature films...
22. Ward Churchill Ward Churchill Self, Images of Indians: How Hollywood Stereotyped the Native American
23. Alan Stark Alan Stark Actor, Friendship's Field
24. Joseph Hampton Joseph Hampton Miscellaneous Crew, House of Payne
25. Patterson McNutt Patterson McNutt Writer, Curly Top
26. John McDowell John McDowell Composer, Born Into Brothels: Calcutta's Red Light Kids
27. Tracy Arbuckle Tracy Arbuckle Actress, Getting There
28. Keturah Stickann Keturah Stickann Miscellaneous Crew, Moby-Dick
29. Olive Sullivan Olive Sullivan Writer, Cleveland in My Dreams Born October 21, 1960, Olive L. Sullivan grew up in the small Midwestern town of Pittsburg, Kansas, the daughter of a college professor and a mother passionately interested in the creative process. Inevitably, the environment thus engendered was an eccentric one, where ideas were encouraged, no matter how unrealistic, and brainstorming was the family hobby...
30. Jonathan Moncrief Jonathan Moncrief Writer, 4Chosen: The Documentary Jon Moncrief has been involved in the sports and entertainment industry for over ten years. He has been a sports writer and columnist, sports broadcast personality on television and radio, and a lead writer and associate producer for documentary films and weekly sports anthology show. As a sports writer and columnist: he currently covers the NHL...
31. William Slavens McNutt William Slavens McNutt Writer, The Lives of a Bengal Lancer
32. Ed Pierce Ed Pierce Actor, The Big Date
33. Jennifer Levine Jennifer Levine Miscellaneous Crew, Friends with Benefits
34. Eric Sievers Eric Sievers Self, 1981 AFC Championship Game
35. Conrad Tao Conrad Tao Self, Great Performances
36. Justin Brauer Justin Brauer Actor, The Past and Pending
37. Gil Shaham Gil Shaham Music Department, Gala aus Berlin
38. Sol Cohen Sol Cohen Composer, Drums of Love Composer, conductor, songwriter, violinist and teacher, educated at the Chicago Musical College and the Ecole Normal de Musique in Paris. He studied with Emile Sauret, Hugo Heerman, Jeno Hubay, Ottokar Sevcic, and Max d'Ollone. He made his debut as a violinist in Chicago in 1911, and gave recitals throughout the midwest and west coast...
39. Noah Weidner Noah Weidner Writer, RoWar: Reboot Noah Weidner is a 16 year old content producer from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois noted for his music journalism between 2014 and 2016. Since departing his work in music journalism, Weidner has pursued electronic music production as music artist futurtopia, occasionally made contributions to other music blogs and content sources...
40. Matthew J. Boudreau Matthew J. Boudreau Sound Department, The Passion of Paul Ross Matthew J Boudreau is a producer, writer, editor, web developer and sound designer from Buffalo, NY. He got involved in Modern Audio Drama as a means to promote his sound design and audio editing skills, which resulted in Aural Stage Studios first production, 1918. Since then, he has worked with FinalRune Productions and several other production companies as a voice actor...
41. David Weisiger David Weisiger Actor, A Bear in the Woods
42. Anne Friedberg Anne Friedberg Actress, The Man Who Envied Women
43. Peter McDowell Peter McDowell Director, I Dream of Dorothy
44. Reema Alhabeeb Reema Alhabeeb Actress, Change the Game
45. Mike Mohr Mike Mohr Miscellaneous Crew, Kendra
46. Robert Eichelberger Robert Eichelberger Self, West Point on the Hudson
47. Millie Wright Millie Wright Miscellaneous Crew, Welcome to Tolono
48. Kis Knekt Kis Knekt Art Director, Frankie D
49. Amy Beth Heppe Amy Beth Heppe Producer, Stalked in the Corn
50. Andrew Lange Andrew Lange Self, The Astronomers
1-50 of 53 names.