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1. Larry Pennell Larry Pennell Actor, General Hospital
2. George C. Marshall George C. Marshall Self, George Marshall & the American Century
3. John Dickson Carr John Dickson Carr Writer, Dangerous Crossing
4. Richie Giachetti Richie Giachetti Actor, Over the Top
5. Linn Phillips III Linn Phillips III Actor, American Graffiti Born in 1947, Linn Phillips joined the band Flash Cadillac in 1969 as the guitarist. In Flash Cadillac, he was able to have roles in the films American Graffiti and _Apocolypse Now (1979)_. In 1993, after a show with Flash Cadillac, Linn Phillips had a masssive heart attack. Two days later, after unsuccesful surgery, he died.
6. Jim Delligatti Jim Delligatti Self, History on a Bun Jim Delligatti, a graduate of Michigan State University, "invented" McDonald's Big Mac. He originally named it the "Big Mac Super Sandwich" Delligatti was one of McDonald's original franchisees who, at the time, operated several restaurants in the Pittsburgh area. The Big Mac was first served at Delligatti's Uniontown Pennsylvania store in 1967...
7. Saul Swimmer Saul Swimmer Director, The Concert for Bangladesh
8. Ralph W. Chambers Ralph W. Chambers Actor, The Pajama Game
9. Chuck Muncie Chuck Muncie Self, 1981 Dolphins/Chargers
10. Barb Livingston Barb Livingston Art Department, Paper Towns
11. Allan Pinsker Allan Pinsker Actor, Sudden Death
12. Sam Provance Sam Provance Self, Ghosts of Abu Ghraib
13. Kenneth E. Stager Kenneth E. Stager Producer, Say Goodbye
14. Joan Vatsek Joan Vatsek Writer, Aunt Jeanie and the Idol
15. Terry Mulholland Terry Mulholland Self, 100 Years of the World Series
15 names.