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1. Carla Bruni Carla Bruni Soundtrack, (500) Days of Summer
2. Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Valeria Bruni Tedeschi Actress, Munich
3. Cristina Serafini Cristina Serafini Actress, Acts Of Vengeance Cristina Serafini was born in Turin, Italy, the only child of a housewife and a pizza maker. She soon decided to pursue an acting career and won a scholarship to attend the prestigious Scuola del Teatro Stabile di Torino, founded by Italian director Luca Ronconi. She speaks Italian, English, French and Spanish...
4. Luca Argentero Luca Argentero Actor, Noi e la Giulia
5. Milena Canonero Milena Canonero Costume Designer, The Shining Milena Canonero grew up in Genoa. She studied design and costume in Genoa before moving to England to finish her studies. Milena's film career started with Stanley Kubrick, designing the costumes for three of his films: Clockwork Orange (1971), Barry Lyndon (1975), winning her first of her four academy awards...
6. Stefania Rocca Stefania Rocca Actress, The Talented Mr. Ripley
7. Caterina Boratto Caterina Boratto Actress,
8. Marisa Allasio Marisa Allasio Actress, Poor But Beautiful
9. Giulio Base Giulio Base Actor, The Final Inquiry In 2012 he's part of the cast of 'La grande famiglia', huge tv series' success. In 2013 we writes and directs the movie THE PRETOR, based on a best seller by Piero Chiara. His last movie MY DAD, opened the Rome Film Festival in 2014. In February 2015 he has been playing himself in the Italian version of the reality SKATING WITH CELEBRITIES...
10. Flavio Bucci Flavio Bucci Actor, Suspiria
11. Valéria Cavalli Valéria Cavalli Actress, Le passé
12. Franco Cristaldi Franco Cristaldi Producer, Cinema Paradiso
13. Virna Anderson Virna Anderson Actress, Senza scrupoli 2
14. Mario Siletti Mario Siletti Actor, Kansas City Confidential
15. Alba Parietti Alba Parietti Self, Macao
16. Alessandro Baricco Alessandro Baricco Writer, La leggenda del pianista sull'oceano
17. George Ardisson George Ardisson Actor, Juliet of the Spirits
18. Roberto Faenza Roberto Faenza Writer, I vicerè
19. Fabio Troiano Fabio Troiano Actor, Dopo mezzanotte
20. Roberto Herlitzka Roberto Herlitzka Actor, Good Morning, Night
21. Giuliana Calandra Giuliana Calandra Actress, Deep Red Giuliana Calandra (born 10 February 1936) is an Italian film, television and stage actress, journalist and television hostess. Born in Moncalieri, Giuliana Calandra debuted in 1963 Pier Paolo Pasolini's "La ricotta" and appearing in hundreds of films, TV-series and stage works, including works by Dario Argento...
22. Luigi Diberti Luigi Diberti Actor, La sindrome di Stendhal
23. Piero Piccioni Piero Piccioni Composer, Silver Linings Playbook Piero Piccioni was born in Turin (Italy) on the 6th December 1921. Son of a pure Turinese mother (her maiden name was Marengo), and from here the pseudonym Piero Morgan, which he adopted until 1957. He had played on the radio with his historic Big Band "013" in 1938, to then return, after the liberation of Italy in 1944...
24. Francesco Amato Francesco Amato Director, Cosimo e Nicole
25. Ugo Sasso Ugo Sasso Actor, They Call Me Trinity
26. Raffaella Baracchi Raffaella Baracchi Actress, The Barbarians Raffaella was one of the most popular ever winners of the title of Miss Italy (1983), and after that became one of the most recognizable faces in cinema, television and fashion. Some sort of cult icon. She retired early from the industry though, soon after ending a turbulent marriage with younger actor Domiziano Arcangeli...
27. Claudio Ermelli Claudio Ermelli Actor, Roman Holiday
28. Bitto Albertini Bitto Albertini Writer, The War Devils
29. Renato Rascel Renato Rascel Actor, Zodiac
30. Ruggero Mastroianni Ruggero Mastroianni Editor, Amarcord
31. Guido Chiesa Guido Chiesa Director, Lavorare con lentezza
32. Enzo Tarascio Enzo Tarascio Actor, The Conformist
33. Vanni Corbellini Vanni Corbellini Actor, The Belly of an Architect Vanni Corbellini is an Italian actor and director. He was born on February 15, 1955 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy, son of an engineer and a painter, who came from Florence, Tuscan. He attended the Faculty of Economics and Business and he practiced competitive skiing and horse riding. He began performing as presenter in a show for disabled people...
34. Tullio Pinelli Tullio Pinelli Writer, La Dolce Vita
35. Glauco Onorato Glauco Onorato Actor, Black Sabbath
36. Mario Soldati Mario Soldati Writer, Fuga in Francia Mario Soldati studied by the Jesuits and in the 1920s was acquainted with liberal intellectuals who gathered around Piero Gobetti. He wrote his first play ("Pilatus") when he was 18, and published hist first short story collection ("Salmace") in 1929. In 1935 he reached literary success with "America primo amore" (America First Love)...
37. Franco Rosso Franco Rosso Director, Babylon
38. Luigi Scattini Luigi Scattini Writer, Goya in Bordeaux
39. Flavio Montrucchio Flavio Montrucchio Actor, Il soffio dell'anima
40. Aldo Silvani Aldo Silvani Actor, La Strada
41. Carlo Savina Carlo Savina Music Department, The Godfather
42. Gianluca Maria Tavarelli Gianluca Maria Tavarelli Director, Un amore
43. Ferruccio Amendola Ferruccio Amendola Miscellaneous Crew, Once Upon a Time in America
44. Massimo Mazzucco Massimo Mazzucco Director, Summertime
45. Mag Bodard Mag Bodard Producer, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
46. Attilio Prevost Attilio Prevost Cinematographer, Il vortice
47. Chantal Raimondo Chantal Raimondo Chantal Lisa Raimondo was born in Turin, Italy, to a Dutch mother and Italian father. She grew up in her hometown with her parents -both import/export managers- and her younger sister Caroline. After graduating with merit in humanistic studies, she fostered her passion for acting and dancing alongside pursuing a honors Degree in Law; during University she worked as an actress and model in England...
48. Carlo Levi Carlo Levi Writer, Cristo si è fermato a Eboli
49. Diego Cavallo Diego Cavallo Production Manager, Angels & Demons
50. Ennio Cerlesi Ennio Cerlesi Actor, Ho visto brillare le stelle After working in the theater for many years, he made his debut in the cinema in 1932 with "L'armata azzurra", one of the first Italian sound film, directed by Gennaro Rulers, and later by "Il dottor Antonio" (1937) and "Ho visto brillare le stelle" (1939) both by Enrico Guazzoni and "Fanfulla da Lodi" by Giulio Antamoro and Carlo Duse (1940); later he played many other films...
1-50 of 267 names.