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1. Erik Skjoldbjærg Erik Skjoldbjærg Writer, Insomnia
2. Thor Knai Thor Knai Actor, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Thor Knai was born Torbjorn Knai 22nd of June 1984 in Tromso;, Norway. His dad was in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and his mom an entrepreneur. When he was 15, his mother found a casting call for a mini-series (Ansur, 1999). Thor landed a supporting part and this became his first encounter with showbiz...
3. Lisa Stokke Lisa Stokke Actress, Lange flate ballær II Lisa Stokke was born in the Arctic town of Tromsø in Northern Norway to a chiropractor father Øivind and her American Mother Judy who's an artist and writer, and her older sister Monica. She pursued the arts at an early age, taking payment from neighbors for putting on shows, utilizing her entrepreneurial and performing arts skills at a young age...
4. Ole Giæver Ole Giæver Director, Mot naturen
5. Lene Marlin Lene Marlin Soundtrack, Mauvaises fréquentations
6. Per Bronken Per Bronken Director, Offshore
7. Maria Mathiesen Maria Mathiesen Actress, Insomnia
8. Jørn Magnus Karlsen Jørn Magnus Karlsen Actor, 12th Man
9. Geir Jenssen Geir Jenssen Soundtrack, The Corporation
10. Stein Elvestad Stein Elvestad Writer, Svidd neger
11. Kristoffer Jørgensen Kristoffer Jørgensen Stunts, Dead Snow One of Norway's very few veteran stuntmen, Kristoffer was stunt coordinator on his first feature film in 1995. Since then he has done stunts and safety work on numerous films and TV productions. He is the CEO of Arctic Action, the world's northernmost stunt company, with offices in Tromsø (Norway) and Reykjavik (Iceland)...
12. Nathilde Overrein Rapp Nathilde Overrein Rapp Director, Tørst - Framtidens forbrytelser Grew up in Tromsö, Norway. Has studied art and acting in Manchester and Italy. Studied Directing at the Film School in Lodz, Poland and Documentary film at the Journalist School of Volda, Norway. Great fan of Kieslowski and David Bowie. Won the Norwegian Shirt Film festival with her graduate film "Tidewater" from the Film School in Poland in 1994...
13. Kirsti Sparboe Kirsti Sparboe Self, Melodi grand prix
14. Espen Lind Espen Lind Soundtrack, Zootopia
15. John-Erling H. Fredriksen John-Erling H. Fredriksen Camera and Electrical Department, Bølgen
16. Kristian Figenschow Kristian Figenschow Actor, Insomnia
17. Ragna Nordhus Midtgard Ragna Nordhus Midtgard Producer, Mot naturen
18. Egil Pedersen Egil Pedersen Director, Outcast in the Mirror
19. Anneli Drecker Anneli Drecker Actress, A-ha: Live at Vallhall - Homecoming
20. Kevin Tempel Kevin Tempel Actor, Just Say No Kevin Jarl Barlien Tempel was born in Tromso in Northern Norway. His debut was the short film 'Just Say No' (2000), a rather crazy slap-stick-like short film which aired first on Norwegian television, and consequently received many good reviews. During the making of this film, he also set up the film...
21. Arthur Arntzen Arthur Arntzen Writer, Arthur Arntzen: Den fordømte nordlendingen
22. Magne Gulbrandsen Magne Gulbrandsen Miscellaneous Crew, Max Manus: Man of War
23. Lars Hansen Lars Hansen Actor, Der Ruf des Nordens
24. Svein Berge Svein Berge Soundtrack, Hall Pass
25. Wenche Viktorsdatter Paulsen Wenche Viktorsdatter Paulsen Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Hopp
26. Halvdan Sivertsen Halvdan Sivertsen Self, Frelsesarmeens julekonsert
27. Kristoffer Rypdal Kristoffer Rypdal Self, The Universe: Cosmology Quest
28. Lars Breivik Eldnes Lars Breivik Eldnes Producer, Marit Breivik - Fra Skogn til Beijing
29. Daniel Henriksbø Daniel Henriksbø Producer, Amor Daniel Henriksbø is the producer and responsible for the daily operation of Vidvinkel Film in Oslo, Norway. In the last 2 years he have produced 7 short films included films like Amor, Experiment and Reunion. He previously worked for Merkur Film AS where he started as a trainee and after a while became...
30. Ørjan Johansson Ørjan Johansson Self, Big Brother - Norge vs. Sverige
31. Sverre Kjelsberg Sverre Kjelsberg Soundtrack, The Thing
32. Kirsti Kirsti Self, ZDF Hitparade
33. Torbjörn Brundtland Torbjörn Brundtland Soundtrack, Hall Pass
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