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1. Ivan Rassimov Ivan Rassimov Actor, Sacrifice! Ivan Rassimov and his younger sister, Rada, decided to pursue a career in acting. Ivan studied acting at the University at Trieste. After attending military service in Italy, he then settled in Rome to pursue his acting career. A series of small roles began his career, one of them being from the legendary director Mario Bava with Planet of Vampires...
2. Livio Lorenzon Livio Lorenzon Actor, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Brother of Gianni Solaro.
3. Federica Ranchi Federica Ranchi Actress, Violent Summer
4. Anita Kravos Anita Kravos Actress, The Great Beauty
5. Albert Conti Albert Conti Actor, The Eagle
6. Rodolfo Ranni Rodolfo Ranni Actor, A Place in the World
7. Umberto D'Orsi Umberto D'Orsi Actor, White Collar Blues One of the best character actor of Italian cinema, expecially in the early 60s and part of the 70s, Umberto took a degree in law in 1953 but he was active in many theaters of Italy until the early 60s, when he encountered cinema. He acted in 10-15 films every year, expecially in small part roles and in B-movies...
8. Oscar De Mejo Oscar De Mejo Composer, Rent Control
9. Edy Vessel Edy Vessel Actress,
10. Sergio Amidei Sergio Amidei Writer, Rome, Open City
11. Fulvia Franco Fulvia Franco Actress, For Love and Gold
12. Mario Maranzana Mario Maranzana Actor, Lady of the Camelias
13. Giacomo Gentilomo Giacomo Gentilomo Director, Maciste e la regina di Samar
14. Martin Turk Martin Turk Director, Robutanje koruze Born in Trieste (Italy) in 1978. He is a member of the Slovenian ethnic minority that lives in Italy. Enrolled the Academy of Theatre, Radio, Film and Television in Lubiana (AGRFT) in Slovenia in 1998 and graduated in 2004. In 2000 he made his first film, the documentary short film Twice A Week. Worked as assistant director on several full-length feature films...
15. Elsa Merlini Elsa Merlini Actress, Position Wanted
16. Italo Svevo Italo Svevo Writer, Careless Svevo worked as a bank clerk, and, after marrying Lidia Veneziani, he directed her father's factory, which supplied a special naval paint. He was much more successful as a businessman than as a writer at the time, his scripts being totally neglected. His fame came when he was over sixty, thanks to the interest of his English teacher, a young James Joyce.
17. Tiberio Mitri Tiberio Mitri Actor, The Great War
18. Laura Solari Laura Solari Actress, Roman Holiday
19. Lelio Luttazzi Lelio Luttazzi Actor, L'Avventura
20. Piero Cappuccilli Piero Cappuccilli Actor, Un ballo in maschera
21. Jole Silvani Jole Silvani Actress, City of Women
22. Tullio Kezich Tullio Kezich Writer, The Legend of the Holy Drinker
23. Elvi Lissiak Elvi Lissiak Actress, Domenica d'agosto
24. Miranda Caharija Miranda Caharija Actress, The Widowhood of Karolina Zasler
25. Giorgio Strehler Giorgio Strehler Miscellaneous Crew, Il giardino dei ciliegi
26. Lyla Rocco Lyla Rocco Actress, The Playgirls and the Vampire
27. Enrico Luzi Enrico Luzi Actor, Il microfono è vostro
28. Pietro Garinei Pietro Garinei Writer, I'm in the Revue
29. Maurizio Scattorin Maurizio Scattorin Actor, Casomai
30. Diletta Petronio Diletta Petronio Actress, Episode #1.7
31. Mario Zafred Mario Zafred Composer, Chronicle of Poor Lovers
32. Fulvio Tolusso Fulvio Tolusso Director, La famiglia Barrett
33. Callisto Cosulich Callisto Cosulich Writer, Planet of the Vampires
34. Claudio Magris Claudio Magris Writer, The Cardboard Village
35. Renzo Rosso Renzo Rosso Writer, Episode #1.5
36. Nino Crisman Nino Crisman Actor, Le due madonne
37. Adriano Sofri Adriano Sofri Thanks, Rehearsals for War
38. Ennio Sangiusto Ennio Sangiusto Actor, El mago de los sueños
39. Giani Stuparich Giani Stuparich Writer, A Year of School After volunteering in the Italian army during the First World War, Stuparich became a teacher at a secondary school. During the Second World War, he was imprisoned at the notorious concentration camp of San Sabba. Most of his writings deal with the search of his roots (Istria).
40. Giovanni Raicevich Giovanni Raicevich Actor, Il club degli stravaganti
41. Mario Luzzatto Fegiz Mario Luzzatto Fegiz Self, Episode #14.27
42. Antonio Bibalo Antonio Bibalo Composer, Øye for Øye
43. Danilo Dolci Danilo Dolci Self, Mafia No!
44. Willer Bordon Willer Bordon Actor, Mario, Maria e Mario
45. Rado Nakrst Rado Nakrst Actor, Dancing in the Rain
46. Andrea Giorgi Andrea Giorgi Music Department, Don Carlos
47. Cottur Cottur Self, Totò al giro d'Italia
48. Marina Doge Marina Doge Actress, Miseria e nobiltà
49. Duilio Loi Duilio Loi Self, Pugili
50. Gillo Dorfles Gillo Dorfles Self, Latta e caffè - Riccardo Dalisi, Napoli e il teatro della decrescita
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