14 names.

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1. G. Michael Gray G. Michael Gray Actor, Fantastic Four
2. Michael Kalesniko Michael Kalesniko Writer, Burnt
3. Mark McConchie Mark McConchie Actor, Scary Movie Born the youngest of five boys, he originally attended the University of British Columbia for both an undergraduate degree in Sociology, 1981, followed by a law degree at the UBC Law School in 1985. He practiced law until 1997 at which time he closed his law practice and went into acting. In 2004, he wrote and directed the film short...
4. Ken Kabatoff Ken Kabatoff Miscellaneous Crew, Travelers
5. Adam Scorgie Adam Scorgie Producer, The Union: The Business Behind Getting High
6. Patrick McMahon Patrick McMahon Editor, A Nightmare on Elm Street
7. Chelsea Florko Chelsea Florko Actress, Valentine
8. Jason Bay Jason Bay Self, 2005 MLB All-Star Game
9. William Gordon William Gordon Director, Inspector Gadget
10. Ray Ferraro Ray Ferraro Self, NHL2Night
11. Steve Tambellini Steve Tambellini Self, Gold Rush 2002
12. Jacob Lesiuk Jacob Lesiuk Actor, The Agreement
13. Shawn Horcoff Shawn Horcoff Self, Oil Change
14. Ben McPeek Ben McPeek Composer, The Rowdyman
14 names.