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1. Eric Valette Eric Valette Director, One Missed Call
2. Ticky Holgado Ticky Holgado Actor, Amélie
3. Gérard Barray Gérard Barray Actor, Open Your Eyes Gérard Barray was the leading hero in Adventure-Movies made in France - following Jean Marais and on his side in his starting-out-Movies. He became famous as D'Artagnan in "Les trois mousquetaires", as Hardi Pardaillan and "Commissaire San Antonio". In 1969 he changed his profile to the dark side as Van Britten...
4. Marine Delterme Marine Delterme Actress, Fanfan
5. François Audouy François Audouy Art Department, Spider-Man
6. Pierre Epstein Pierre Epstein Actor, Indecent Proposal
7. Yves-Marie Maurin Yves-Marie Maurin Actor, Diabolique
8. Carlos Gardel Carlos Gardel Soundtrack, Frida Known as El Zorzal Criollo, the songbird of Buenos Aires, Carlos Gardel is a legendary figure in Uruguay and Argentina. He was born on December 11st, 1890, in Toulouse (France). His place of birth have been claimed by the Uruguayans and Argentinians, however, his Birth Certificate and his Will proves...
9. Laurent Terzieff Laurent Terzieff Actor, The Milky Way
10. Jacques Dorfmann Jacques Dorfmann Producer, The Gaul
11. Jeanne Colletin Jeanne Colletin Actress, Emmanuelle
12. Virginie Desarnauts Virginie Desarnauts Actress, Look at Me
13. Fabienne Bouville Fabienne Bouville Editor, Code Black
14. Jennifer Lauret Jennifer Lauret Actress, Great, My Parents Are Divorcing!
15. Dominique Maurin Dominique Maurin Actor, Rififi
16. Sébastien Roch Sébastien Roch Actor, To the Extreme
17. France Dougnac France Dougnac Actress, Coup de tête
18. Valy Verde Valy Verde Actress, Private Film 5: Beauties in Paradise
19. Frédéric Talgorn Frédéric Talgorn Composer, Fortress
20. Julien Courbey Julien Courbey Actor, The Barons
21. Jean-Philippe Lafont Jean-Philippe Lafont Actor, Babette's Feast
22. Kati Tastet Kati Tastet Actress, Mina Tannenbaum
23. Olivier Alary Olivier Alary Composer, Last Train Home A native of Toulouse, France, Olivier Alary is a Montreal-based musician and composer. After a degree in architecture, Alary moved to London to study composition. Olivier has released several albums and collaborated with numerous artists including Bjork, Cat Power and Lou Barlow amongst others. Since 2007...
24. Jean-Pascal Lacoste Jean-Pascal Lacoste Actor, Mauvais présage
25. Louis de Carbonnat Louis de Carbonnat Director, Le tour de France par deux enfants
26. Jack Engelhard Jack Engelhard Writer, Indecent Proposal
27. Roger Do Minh Roger Do Minh Camera and Electrical Department, Hotel Chevalier
28. Bernard Werber Bernard Werber Self, Episode dated 15 November 2003
29. César Ducasse César Ducasse Editor, Dark Souls César Ducasse is a french director and editor born in Toulouse, France (1979). In 2001, he graduated from the ESRA film school of Paris and made a music video illustrating Aphex Twin's "Milkman" song, followed by a short film in 2002, "Cryo", that was awarded in several international short film festivals...
30. Jean-Pascal Beintus Jean-Pascal Beintus Music Department, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
31. Jacques Duby Jacques Duby Actor, The Adultress Jacques Duby was born in Toulouse in 1922. As a boy, his main handicap was shyness and after experiencing serious difficulties at oral exams, his father, a physician (and dramatic critic - noblesse oblige) advised him to take elocution lessons. A nice move indeed as not only did that help him to solve...
32. Marie-Claude Treilhou Marie-Claude Treilhou Director, Le jour des rois
33. Georges de Caunes Georges de Caunes Self, Episode dated 20 January 1960
34. Jean-Luc Reichmann Jean-Luc Reichmann Actor, Les yeux dans le dos
35. France Arnel France Arnel Actress, The Suitor
36. Arnaud Berthier Arnaud Berthier Animation Department, Despicable Me 2 Arnaud Berthier was born in Toulouse, France, and studied animation at the prestigious CFT-Gobelins in Paris, France. He soon after took his initial feature animation career steps on "American Tail 2", "We're back" as well as "Balto" at Steven Spielberg's Amblimation in London. In between these movies he also worked for the Disney studios in Paris on "The Goofy Movie"...
37. Daniel Sorano Daniel Sorano Actor, Cyrano de Bergerac
38. Irenee Berge Irenee Berge Soundtrack, Anna Christie
39. Lucien Baroux Lucien Baroux Actor, Derrière la façade
40. Ringo Willicat Ringo Willicat Self, Episode dated 6 November 1974
41. René Alié René Alié Actor, La belle nivernaise
42. Jean Bousquet Jean Bousquet Actor, My Favorite Season
43. Frédéric Michalak Frédéric Michalak Self, Dieux du stade: Le making of du calendrier 2004
44. Bernard Maris Bernard Maris Self, Oncle Bernard - L'anti-leçon d'économie
45. Pauline Ester Pauline Ester Soundtrack, Le cousin
46. Claude Cabanes Claude Cabanes Self, Episode dated 18 June 2011
47. Xavier Garbajosa Xavier Garbajosa Self, Dieux du stade: Le making of du calendrier 2005
48. Philippe Druillet Philippe Druillet Writer, Bleu, l'enfant de la Terre
49. Janine Micheau Janine Micheau Self, Recondita armonia
50. Mady Mesplé Mady Mesplé Soundtrack, The American President
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