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1. Esther Minciotti Esther Minciotti Actress, Marty
2. Roberto Malone Roberto Malone Actor, Romance
3. Marla Landi Marla Landi Actress, The Hound of the Baskervilles
4. David Ferraro Jericoh David Ferraro Jericoh Actor, Todo es silencio David Ferraro Jericoh, is an Italian Director, Writer, Actor, Composer, Singer, Producer, he can speak: Italian, Spanish, English, French, German, Chinese. He is an actor of the old school his Godfather Walter Chiari was his first acting teacher and coach, together with his Father Jerry Ferraro. David lives in Spain at the moment but he is always traveling around to work in new movies.
5. Rosa Fumetto Rosa Fumetto Actress, Les tentations de Marianne
6. Rosángela Balbó Rosángela Balbó Actress, Corazón salvaje
7. Rosa Pianeta Rosa Pianeta Actress, The Rite
8. Stefano Scherini Stefano Scherini Actor, The Best Offer
9. Giovanni Anzaldo Giovanni Anzaldo Actor, Il capitale umano
10. Andrea Cavalletto Andrea Cavalletto Costume Designer, Dieci inverni
11. Leonardo Scavino Leonardo Scavino Actor, Tristana
12. Giorgio Arlorio Giorgio Arlorio Writer, Burn!
13. Fernaldo Di Giammatteo Fernaldo Di Giammatteo Actor, Amore e rabbia
14. Mario Siletti Mario Siletti Actor, The Little World of Don Camillo
15. Andrea Zalone Andrea Zalone Actor, Ravanello pallido
16. Daniele Nicolosi Daniele Nicolosi Director, Along the River
17. Renato Lenzi Renato Lenzi Actor, Scolpire il tempo
18. Linda Moglia Linda Moglia Actress, Cyrano de Bergerac
19. Caterina Barbero Caterina Barbero Actress, L'ultima orgia del III Reich
20. Alberto Farina Alberto Farina Miscellaneous Crew, Blues Brothers 2000
21. Federico Torres Federico Torres Cinematographer, When We Talk About KGB
22. Alberto Di Candia Alberto Di Candia Stunts, Vincere
23. Michele Maganza Michele Maganza Actor, eBand
24. Eugenio Gradabosco Eugenio Gradabosco Actor, Io sono un vampiro He is an actor and a theater director. He is known for his participation to some TV series, such as his Cirianni in "La vita possibile" and his Del Neri in "Due mamme di troppo". He is already known as great theater actor playing Kent in Shakespeare's King Lear and Plauto's major plays.
25. Francesca Reviglio Francesca Reviglio Actress, Cento vetrine
26. Juan Zanotto Juan Zanotto Writer, Yor, the Hunter from the Future
27. Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia Giancarlo Judica Cordiglia Actor, Noi credevamo
28. Richard Robinson Richard Robinson Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, The Artist
29. Vittorio Badini Confalonieri Vittorio Badini Confalonieri Director, Il corridoio
30. Paul Delos Paul Delos Actor, My Lovely Burnt Brother and His Squashed Brain
31. Marc Gauthier Marc Gauthier Producer, Que la force soit avec Raoul
32. Edoardo Sandulli Edoardo Sandulli Director, Pelago
33. Alberto Doveil Alberto Doveil Producer, Tender Is the Flesh
34. Cristina Chiabotto Cristina Chiabotto Self, Bau Boys
35. Alberto Martin Alberto Martin Producer, Bye Bye Droixhe
36. Beppe Braida Beppe Braida Actor, Funkazzisti
37. Marco Miscione Marco Miscione Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Avengers: Age of Ultron Born in Turin, Marco Miscione had a passion for film and photography from childhood. He has directed several short films, music videos and video. In 2009, he attended all the filming of the movie "Giallo" by Dario Argento. "In 2010, he directed, edited the music video"Adesso che - Amnesia "and" Tu non ci conosci - Sweet and Shorty "viewable on Youtube...
38. Liam Riccardo Liam Riccardo Actor, Giallo
39. Franca Nuti Franca Nuti Actress, L'avventura di Maria
40. Federico Surace Federico Surace Visual Effects, The Stranger Federico Surace is an Italian artist living in Milan. He has a degree in DAMS (Disciplines of the arts of music and entertainment) "address Cinema Multimedia" with a thesis on stereoscopic 3D in the cinema . The issues addressed in years of study ranging from cinema, its history, Television, Film Direction from the Backdrop...
41. Max Calandri Max Calandri Production Manager, Rosalba
41 names.