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1. Ioanna Triantafyllidou Ioanna Triantafyllidou Actress, Lomasankarit
2. Anthem Moss Anthem Moss Actor, Straight Story Anthem Moss was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. His real name is Anthimos Ananiadis. He started studying theatre at the age of 12. He joined the New York Film Academy in New York City and the National Drama School of Athens. At the same time, he landed an award winning role for the play "This is our Youth" (2004) as "a breakthrough artist of the year"...
3. Titos Vandis Titos Vandis Actor, The Exorcist
4. Andriana Parisi Andriana Parisi Director, Flying Flowers Andriana was born in Thessaloniki, Greece and had her first gaming experiences by skipping high school classes to play "Wonder Boy". She graduated from the IESE College in the field of Accounting and owned an Accounting Firm in Greece that specialized in Business Consultation. Her love for art, peace and harmony...
5. Akis Konstantakopoulos Akis Konstantakopoulos Cinematographer, Bereave
6. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Mustafa Kemal Atatürk Mustafa was born in 1881 in Salonica, then an Ottoman Turkish city, in modern day Greece. His father, Ali Riza, a customs official-turned-lumber merchant, died when Mustafa was still a boy. His mother, Zubeyde, a devout and strong-willed woman, raised him and his younger sister by herself. First enrolled in a traditional Islamic religious school...
7. Kostas Voutsas Kostas Voutsas Actor, O erotas tou Odyssea Kostas Voutsas was born in Athens, in 1931. He studied at the Drama School of the Macedonian Conservatory of Thessaloniki and made his stage and screen debut in 1953. His breakthrough came in 1961, when Giannis Dalianidis gave him a key part in his phenomenally successful youth melodrama The Decline...
8. Chris Papastergiou Chris Papastergiou Actor, Untamed Chris Papastergiou was born in 19 November of 1988 in Thessaloniki (Greece). When he was a young boy his talent in acting and singing was demonstrated in school performances, a local choir and everyday life. His main hobby except of martial arts and other sports, going to the movies and watching many movies and tv shows...
9. Vladimiros Kiriakidis Vladimiros Kiriakidis Actor, Min arhizeis ti mourmoura
10. Syllas Tzoumerkas Syllas Tzoumerkas Writer, A Blast Born in Thessaloniki. He studied theater, film-direction and acting in Athens, Utrecht and New York. He first made an impression with the 'dogma'-like short film The Devouring Eyes, which participated in competition at the Cinéfondation section of the Cannes Film Festival 2001 and was awarded with the Jury Prize of the Karlovy Vary IFF...
11. Themis Bazaka Themis Bazaka Actress, Petrina hronia
12. Yvonne Sanson Yvonne Sanson Actress, The Conformist
13. Silvana Vienne Silvana Vienne Actress, Beyond Baklava: The Fairy Tale Story of Sylvia's Baklava Silvana is a talented and gifted singer and songwriter, who surpassed 15,000+ auditionees in Los Angeles and got through five days of straight callbacks for Simon Cowell's television singing contest, The X-Factor. She sang Karen Carpenter's "Superstar," Bill Wither's "Ain't No Sunshine," and her own original song...
14. Thodoris Atheridis Thodoris Atheridis Actor, S' agapo - M' agapas
15. Katia Dandoulaki Katia Dandoulaki Actress, I megali stigmi tou '21: Papaflessas Katia Dandoulaki starred in many popular Greek films, like _Papaflessas (1971)_ with Dimitris Papamixail. But her big popularity came when she portraited Marmo Panteou, an adulterous young wife, in the classic tv series Oi pantheoi, based on a classic novel by Tassos Athanassiadis. She is the spouse of the Greek intellectual...
16. Zoe Laskari Zoe Laskari Actress, Koritsia gia filima Zoe Laskari was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. In 1959 she won the title of "Miss Greece" and two years later she played the female lead in Giannis Dalianidis's youth melodrama _Katiforos, O (1961)_. The success of that film made Laskari a star; she signed an exclusive contract with Finos Film, the most powerful Greek studio of the period...
17. Ersi Malikenzou Ersi Malikenzou Actress, Mavra mesanyhta
18. Renia Louizidou Renia Louizidou Actress, Politiki kouzina
19. Christina Kallas Christina Kallas Writer, 42 Seconds of Happiness
20. Zozo Sapountzaki Zozo Sapountzaki Actress, O anthropos tis karpazias Zozo Sapountzaki was born in Salonica, Greece and studied drama and music at the Musical Theatre School. She first appeared on stage as a child, along with her sister Vaso, as the Sapountzaki baby sisters (ta Sapountzakia). She bloomed into what can only be called a brunette bombshell and appeared in musicals...
21. Dario Gabbai Dario Gabbai Self, The Last Days
22. Despina Pajanou Despina Pajanou Actress, Doppelter Einsatz
23. Klelia Andriolatou Klelia Andriolatou Actress, Brousko
24. Natasa Gerasimidou Natasa Gerasimidou Actress, I gynaikara ap' to Kilkis
25. Athanasios Karanikolas Athanasios Karanikolas Director, Sto spiti
26. Gelly Mavropoulou Gelly Mavropoulou Actress, Aunt from Chicago Gelly Mavropoulou was born in 1932, in Thessaloniki, Greece, but raised in Athens. She belongs to a large theatrical family and studied at the prestigious Theatro Technis (Art Theater)under the direction of Carolos Koun. She made her stage debut in a 1955 Athens production of George Axelrod's "The Seven-Year Itch" starring Melina Mercouri...
27. Harry Klynn Harry Klynn Actor, Alaloum
28. Sotiris Kalivatsis Sotiris Kalivatsis Actor, A.M.A.N.
29. Giorgos Kotanidis Giorgos Kotanidis Actor, Captain Corelli's Mandolin
30. Dimitris Starovas Dimitris Starovas Actor, The Kings of Mykonos
31. Takis Kanellopoulos Takis Kanellopoulos Director, Ouranos
32. Argyris Bakirtzis Argyris Bakirtzis Actor, Parakalo, gynaikes, mi klaite...
33. Nazim Hikmet Nazim Hikmet Writer, Tosun Pasa
34. Giannis Dalianidis Giannis Dalianidis Director, To Retire
35. Sasa Kastoura Sasa Kastoura Actress, I koroidara
36. Marinella Marinella Actress, ...Ystera, irthan oi melisses
37. Nikos Psarras Nikos Psarras Actor, Guiding Light
38. Chryssoula Diavati Chryssoula Diavati Actress, Isyhes meres tou Avgoustou
39. Betty Valassi Betty Valassi Actress, Loxandra
40. Daphne Charizani Daphne Charizani Writer, Madrid
41. Lakis Mihailidis Lakis Mihailidis Writer, Patera, katse fronima...
42. Kleio-Danai Othonaiou Kleio-Danai Othonaiou Actress, Pempti & 12
43. Nikolas Asimos Nikolas Asimos Actor, O Drakoulas ton Exarheion
44. Marina Litou Marina Litou Actress, Artherapy
45. Giannis Angelakas Giannis Angelakas Composer, O hamenos ta pairnei ola
46. Sotiris Tzevelekos Sotiris Tzevelekos Actor, Roda, tsanta & kopana no 2
47. Max Roman Max Roman Actor, La route de Corinthe
48. Vasilis Tsivilikas Vasilis Tsivilikas Actor, Ohi tora agapoula
49. Antonis Kanakis Antonis Kanakis Director, A.M.A.N. Antonis Kanakis was born in Thessaloniki,Greece in 1969. He is director-presenter-producer-writer of radio and television shows, known for ''Comfouzio'', ''AMAN Ta Katharmata'', ''Radio Arvyla''. He presented and directed on behalf of Action Aid two documentaries ''Immersion''- ''Voutia se mia alli...
50. Manolis Hiotis Manolis Hiotis Actor, O atsidas
1-50 of 112 names.