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1. Nikita Cash Nikita Cash Actress, Sinful Desires
2. Shima Niavarani Shima Niavarani Actress, Nånting måste gå sönder
3. Persia Pele Persia Pele Actress, Cougar School Marjan was born in Tehran, Iran. In 1983 at the age of four, she was uprooted to Europe, for as the Revolution started becoming more violent. She sought refuge in Florence, Italy as well as Stockholm, Sweden. She arrived to San Francisco California in 1984, where she began her vision and quest for the arts by attending The School Of The Arts...
4. Ted Maier Ted Maier Actor, Angels in the Outfield Born in 1970 to a Thai mother and American father, Ted grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area town of Santa Clara. He attended Cupertino High School, DeAnza College and got his BFA of Fine Arts at the University of Arizona in 1993. Ted played college baseball and was a member of the Delta Chi Fraternity...
5. Maryam Zaree Maryam Zaree Actress, Ben O Degilim
6. Jasmin Tabatabai Jasmin Tabatabai Actress, Die letzte Spur She played in the woman-band "Even Cowgirls get the blues", which also helped her to play her part in the movie Bandits. She wrote most of the songs for the Soundtrack of "Bandits". On 3rd December 2002, her first child, a girl named Angelina Sherri Rose, was born. Father of the child is the American musician Tico Zamora, who lives in Berlin with Jasmin...
7. Irán Eory Irán Eory Actress, Rubí
8. Melika Foroutan Melika Foroutan Actress, KDD - Kriminaldauerdienst
9. Saman Kesh Saman Kesh Director, Placebo: Too Many Friends On August 8th 1986, Saman Keshavarz was born in Teheran, Iran. He moved to California in the Summer of 1988. Saman has always been fascinated with the area of film and since the age of 13, always wanted to be a filmmaker. Unsure if that was a reachable goal, Saman decided to focus on business through his teenage years...
10. Farshad Kholghi Farshad Kholghi Actor, Nordkraft
11. Saman Amini Saman Amini Actor, Broken Promise Saman Amini was born in 1989 in Teheran, Iran. He came to The Netherlands at the age of twelve were he discovered the power of words, performance and story telling. In 2009 he was selected for the highly recommended theatre and Acting Bachelor at Maastricht Academy of Fine Arts and Design. At this Academy Saman increased developing his skills as an actor and storyteller...
12. Bahram Beizai Bahram Beizai Writer, Sagkoshi Bahram Beizai started skipping school from around the age of 17 in order to go to movies which were becoming popular in Iran at a rapid pace. This only fed his hunger to learn more about cinema and the visual arts. By 1961 he had already spent a lot of time studying-and researching- ancient persian and pre-Islamic culture and literature...
13. Gitty Djamal Gitty Djamal Actress, The Three Musketeers
14. Akbar Abdi Akbar Abdi Actor, Scandal
15. Reza Beyk Imanverdi Reza Beyk Imanverdi Actor, Mafia Killer
16. Masud Kimiai Masud Kimiai Director, Jorm Massoud Kimiaei was born in Tehran in 1941. He became well known when in 1969 he directed his second film, Gheisar, which was considered a turning point in the Iranian cinema; he depicted the ethics and morals of the romanticized poor working class of the Croesus' Treasure genre through his main protagonist...
17. Neda Rahmanian Neda Rahmanian Actress, Leberkäseland
18. Enissa Amani Enissa Amani Actress, Fack ju Göhte 2
19. Sara Fazilat Sara Fazilat Actress, Puppe
20. Lasse Lindroth Lasse Lindroth Actor, Sanning eller konsekvens
21. Reza Bagher Reza Bagher Director, Populärmusik från Vittula
22. Milad Rad Milad Rad Writer, A Wheady Mile
23. Ebrahim Forouzesh Ebrahim Forouzesh Writer, Khomreh
24. Natascha Graf Natascha Graf Actress, Curiosity & the Cat
25. Mohammad Shirvani Mohammad Shirvani Director, Larzanandeye charbi
26. Mitra Farahani Mitra Farahani Director, Fifi Howls from Happiness
27. Philippe Blasband Philippe Blasband Writer, Irina Palm
28. Elmira Rafizadeh Elmira Rafizadeh Actress, Nilou
29. Parviz Kimiavi Parviz Kimiavi Director, Mogholha
30. Mahya Soltani Mahya Soltani Writer, Sweet and Sour Like a Pomegranate
31. Niv Abootalebi Niv Abootalebi Camera and Electrical Department, Fack ju Göhte 2
32. Aref Arefkia Aref Arefkia Actor, Soltan ghalbha
33. Farokh Ghafari Farokh Ghafari Director, Zanburak
34. Rusty Sheridan Rusty Sheridan Actor, Shallow Hal
35. Tadeh Amirian Tadeh Amirian Actor, My Uncle Rafael Tadeh Amirian (pronounced Ta-day Amir-yan) is an American Armenain actor. After completing his education, Tadeh landed a role playing the character of Robo for the family film My Uncle Rafael with director Marc Fusco. In 2010, Tadeh was accepted as an intern for the 63rd Annual Cannes Film Festival in France...
36. Babak Jani Babak Jani Cinematographer, Six Scenes on Meaning and Less
37. Amir Saharkhiz Amir Saharkhiz Visual Effects, Avaze gonjeshk-ha
38. Parviz Fallahi Pour Parviz Fallahi Pour Actor, Shabe 10
39. Hadji Rahimipour Hadji Rahimipour Self, Antiques Roadshow
40. Sholeh Hejazi Sholeh Hejazi Director, Impasse: Jorge Pardo
41. Asghar Massombagi Asghar Massombagi Director, Khaled
42. Rafi Halati Rafi Halati Actor, Dayereh mina
43. Mariam Lau Mariam Lau Self, Presseclub
44. Kamal Kharazi Kamal Kharazi Self, Ghazieh-e Shekl-e Aval, Ghazieh-e Shekl-e Dou Wom
45. Amirhossein Ghiasvand Amirhossein Ghiasvand Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Lantouri
46. Mahyar Monshipour Mahyar Monshipour Self, Fort Boyard
47. Farnaz Arbabi Farnaz Arbabi Director, I Like It Like It Was
48. Seyed Saeid Rahmani Seyed Saeid Rahmani Writer, Ezdevaj Soorati
49. Sander Terphuis Sander Terphuis Self, Pauw & Witteman
50. Karim Kadjar Karim Kadjar Actor, Les pieds dans le tapis
1-50 of 63 names.