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1. Daniel Zacapa Daniel Zacapa Actor, Se7en Honduran- born Daniel Zacapa has established himself as one of the most effective character actors working. His varied and diverse film roles include Se7en, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, 'The Mexican', 'The Gene Generation', and 'Phenomenon', sharing the screen with such actors as 'Jack Lemmon', Walter Matthau...
2. Rocsi Rocsi Self, The Pursuit of Happyness Preview
3. Edgar Flores Edgar Flores Actor, Sin Nombre
4. Miguel Izaguirre Miguel Izaguirre Actor, Mind Trap Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, Miguel and his family emigrated to Miami, Fl where he was raised. Growing up in the tropical atmosphere of Miami inspired Miguel to see life in a new perspective and truly appreciate the beauty in nature and deep inside of us all. Always interested in all things related to the camera; both in front of and behind the scenes...
5. Neida Sandoval Neida Sandoval Self, Las mañanitas a la virgen de Guadalupe
6. James Joint James Joint Actor, Awaiting Her
7. Sami Kafati Sami Kafati Cinematographer, Calixto the Landlord
8. Augusto Monterroso Augusto Monterroso Actor, Alma llanera
9. Galel Maidana Galel Maidana Writer, La Parte Ausente
10. William-Michael S. Taylor William-Michael S. Taylor Writer, Fish Out of Water
11. Lorena Vindel Lorena Vindel Actress, Siete mesas de billar francés
12. Roberto Gomez Roberto Gomez Producer, Don't Go in the Woods
13. Gina N. Turcios Gina N. Turcios Director, Neccessary Discomforts an Artistic Tribute to Rozz Williams Gina N. Turcios, (AKA, Rabbit) was born in Honduras on October 6. Now lives in Sunny California since the age of 3. Her love for the arts was from a young age. Since she could hold a crayon in her hand she started to draw on anything, make anything out of scratch or use the camera to record everything around her...
14. Roberto Castillo Roberto Castillo Writer, Anita, the Insect Hunter
15. Rosibel Vindel Rosibel Vindel Actress, María querida
15 names.