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1. Blake Lively Blake Lively Actress, Summer Kind of Wonderful Blake Lively was born in a showbiz family in California and quickly followed her parents' and siblings' steps. Her first role was "Trixie, the Tooth Fairy" in the 1998 movie Sandman, directed by her dad, Ernie Lively. Her big break came along a few years later, though. Blake was up to finish high school when she got the co-starring role of "Bridget" in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants in 2005...
2. Jon Lovitz Jon Lovitz Actor, Happiness
3. Michael Bower Michael Bower Actor, Evolution Michael Ray Bower has established himself over the past decade as an actor of considerable talent and accomplishment. His diverse and eclectic resume ranges from hilarious roles in such comedies as "Dude Where's My Car" and "Evolution," to hauntingly dramatic performances in intense Television Shows such as "Dark Angel"...
4. Justin Mikita Justin Mikita Producer, 8
5. Spencer Daniels Spencer Daniels Actor, Star Trek A native of Los Angeles, Spencer Daniels began acting professionally at the age of ten. Spencer has an all-American look, coupled with an intriguing blend of intensity and maturity. Spencer is a talented athlete and musician. Spencer was admitted to the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University in 2010. Spencer is represented by Debra Manners and the Stone/Manners/Salners Agency.
6. Trevor Eyster Trevor Eyster Actor, The Prince and the Pauper Trevor (born/formerly credited as Timothy Eyster) joined the industry at the tender age of 7, and was quickly whisked off to film a Disney movie in Nepal, with Milla Jovovich. From 1985-1993 he amassed over 60 TV commercial credits, including 6 McDonald's spots, Minute Maid OJ, Eggo Waffles and others. He landed guest star and recurring roles on: Dallas, Matlock, Family Ties, Married...
7. Douglas Tait Douglas Tait Actor, Star Trek
8. Bret Loehr Bret Loehr Actor, Identity
9. Liz Nicole Abrams Liz Nicole Abrams Actress, Cornered!
10. Phillip Glasser Phillip Glasser Actor, An American Tail: Fievel Goes West
11. Benny Urquidez Benny Urquidez Stunts, 1408 Benny Urquidez was raised in a very athletic family. His mother was a professional wrestler and his father a professional boxer, with all of his siblings black belts. He has earned black belts in nine different martial arts and trained in other styles. The Jet decided to pursue full-contact karate as a career in 1974...
12. Jasmine Jessica Anthony Jasmine Jessica Anthony Actress, 1408 Jasmine Jessica Anthony was born on October 28, in Tarzana, California. Her father, Art Anthony, is also in the film biz, he is an Emmy recognized makeup-artist; who was also a very busy Chicago theater actor during his youth. Her mother was an actress during her Chicago life. Jasmine started dancing on stage at 2 years old...
13. Kelsey Mulrooney Kelsey Mulrooney Actress, A Bug's Life
14. Hana Hatae Hana Hatae Actress, Hard Time
15. David Berman David Berman Actor, Grave Danger: Volume 2 David is best known for his role as assistant coroner, David "Super Dave" Philips on the hit drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. He has also appeared on a number of shows including Heroes, Desperate Housewives, Drop Dead Diva and assumed the role as Host and Narrator for National Geographic's Lost Faces of the Bible.
16. Robbie Kaller Robbie Kaller Actor, A Big Love Story
17. Paul Rodriguez Paul Rodriguez Self, Tony Hawk's Project 8
18. Matthew Taylor Matthew Taylor Stunts, Kill Bill: Vol. 2 For the past 20 years, Matt has been one of most sought after stuntmen in the film business. He has doubled some of the biggest stars in Hollywood from Brad Pitt to Kiefer Sutherland to Gary Sinise just to name a few. In 2005, Matt won an Emmy for his Outstanding Stunt Coordination on the hit show "24"...
19. Nathan Norton Nathan Norton Actor, The Youth in Us Nathan started his acting career at the tender age of 5 on the stage of a popular California university with the Metropolitan Educational Theatre Group known as (MET2). He's performed as a Principal in: "The Music Man", "Peter Pan", "The Sound of Music", "The Secret Garden", "Seussical",and more. Continuing to perform on stage...
20. Dmitri Schuyler-Linch Dmitri Schuyler-Linch Actor, Step Brothers Dmitri began acting at the age of four, performing primarily in commercials. The one exception was a small role in the short film "Livewire" because he knew someone starring in it, the producer saw him, and thought he'd be perfect for the role. When he was seven, he made his feature film debut in the movie "Step Brothers" with Will Ferrell...
21. Jim Rome Jim Rome Self, Episode dated 5 June 2007
22. Eva Tingley Eva Tingley Actress, Comparative Religion
23. Ashley Hughes Ashley Hughes Actress, Holiday in the Sun
24. Brett Buford Brett Buford Actor, Annoying Kid
25. Michael Klesic Michael Klesic Actor, Children of Men
26. Thor Van Lingen Thor Van Lingen Actor, Return of the Living Dead II
27. Jesse Gullion Jesse Gullion Actor, Play
28. Hunter G. Williams Hunter G. Williams Actor, Call to Action Born June 23rd in Tarzana Ca, Hunter is the son of celebrated hair stylist Marlene D Williams and stunt man Richard Williams. Growing up on set was intriguing to young Hunter, getting to meet many of Hollywood's A list. He excelled in sports, and after high school traveled Europe playing minor league soccer...
29. Samantha Hale Samantha Hale Self, Map the Music
30. Marc Clebanoff Marc Clebanoff Director, The Pink Conspiracy
31. Rebecca Gullion Rebecca Gullion Producer, Leverage
32. Cory R. Miller Cory R. Miller Actor, California, Here We Are: Part 1
33. Joshua Mosley Joshua Mosley Music Department, Edge of Tomorrow
34. Daniel Alter Daniel Alter Producer, Hitman
35. Zachary Blair Spilkoman Zachary Blair Spilkoman Actor, The Everlasting Vine Zachary Blair Spilkoman also know as Zach Spilkoman was born July 5th, 1991 in Tarzana, California to a Jewish father, Adam Spilkoman and Italian-Filipino mother, Leslie Libertino. He graduated from Simi Valley High School in 2009 were he excelled in English Literature. His first role was on Team Spitz as the Cap Kid. Aside from acting he also has a passion for writing and directing...
36. John Greenewald Jr. John Greenewald Jr. Producer, National Geographic: Hitler and the Occult
37. Neil Schwary Neil Schwary Miscellaneous Crew, Armageddon Neil was born and raised in Los Angeles. He and his older brother, Brian, spent much of their childhood on film sets in Hollywood and on location, mostly in New York, NY. Their parents, Ronald and Susan Schwary are in the entertainment business; their father, an Academy Award-Winning producer and director and their mother, an Emmy Award-Winning hair stylist...
38. Kathryn Masak Kathryn Masak Actress, What You Don't Know Can Kill You
39. Abbey Scott Abbey Scott Actress, Stripped Abbey was born on January 28, 1985 at Tarzana Hospital in Southern California. Her parents are Judy & Norman Saleet. Norman is a famous singer/songwriter who wrote hit songs for Air Supply, "Here I am" and Selena "Where Did the Feeling Go?". Abbey had a normal up bringing and didn't show much interest in Acting/Music until she graduated high school...
40. Jane Lanier Jane Lanier Actress, Michael
41. Jamie Sparer Roberts Jamie Sparer Roberts Casting Department, Mean Girls
42. Vinnie Pergola Vinnie Pergola Actor, Adventures in Boss Sitting It was evident at a very young age that his inherited gift of creativity (both his parents are artists) would surface at some point. But he didn't follow their footsteps into the art world. Instead, as a young teen, Vinnie Pergola chose to combine his natural curiosity for movies and television, together with his witty personality and imagination...
43. Jo Rosen Jo Rosen Costume and Wardrobe Department, 300: Rise of an Empire
44. Miss Lady Miss Lady Actress, Big Ass Fixation 4
45. Jim Miller Jim Miller Producer, Juno
46. Mike Masak Mike Masak Actor, The Stoneman
47. Greg Starr Greg Starr Producer, Breaking Bread
48. David Michael Harwell David Michael Harwell Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Vile
49. Cole Taylor Cole Taylor Special Effects, RoboCop
50. Allie Carieri Allie Carieri Actress, J-O-R-D-A-N Spells Funny Allie Carieri was born in Los Angeles. She began her acting career at age 3 with a commercial for AT & T, and has enjoyed working since. Also an artist and author, she has won awards for her artwork in 2 international competitions. She is the editor of "Aspects" Magazine, and has written for "Performances" magazine...
1-50 of 115 names.