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1. Johann Urb Johann Urb Actor, 1408 Johann Urb was born in Tallinn, Estonia in 24 January 1977 into family of Tarmo and Maris. When Johann was ten he moved to Finland with his mother and her new husband. They lived in several small towns until they finally settled in Tampere. At the age of 17 Johann moved to his father in New York where he soon started a modeling career...
2. Lenna Kuurmaa Lenna Kuurmaa Actress, 8-Ball
3. Ivan Triesault Ivan Triesault Actor, Notorious
4. Jüri Järvet Jüri Järvet Actor, Solaris Jüri Järvet (born as Georgi Kuznetsov) was a highly prolific and respected Estonian screen and stage actor. He was born in Tallinn. His mother moved to Moscow in 1920. Jüri stayed to live in family's friend who later gave him into an orphanage. At the age of five he was taken into a family with three children though his new parents didn't adopt him officially...
5. Irene von Meyendorff Irene von Meyendorff Actress, Film Without a Name Born in 1916 as the eldest child of a German-Baltic aristocrat, Baroness Irene Isabella Margarete Pauline Caecila von Meyendorff actually never planned to become a movie star. When the Russian Revolution broke out, the family escaped to Germany, where Irene's mother Elisabeth left her conservative husband...
6. Andres Maimik Andres Maimik Writer, 186 Kilometers
7. Elina Benenson Elina Benenson Actress, Lilya 4-Ever
8. Priit Pärn Priit Pärn Writer, Life Without Gabriella Ferri
9. Taavi Eelmaa Taavi Eelmaa Actor, Autumn Ball
10. Martti Helde Martti Helde Director, Risttuules
11. Nikita Knatz Nikita Knatz Art Department, Predator
12. Mait Laas Mait Laas Director, Teekond nirvaanasse
13. Sulev Keedus Sulev Keedus Director, Georgica
14. Andrey Batychko Andrey Batychko Actor, Gorod soblaznov Andrei Batychko was born on august 6, 1985 in Tallinn, Estonia. At the age of three, Andrei and his family moved to Moscow, Russia. Even before Andrei started the first grade, he was engaged in drawing. In 1992, Andrei went to the High School in Moscow that specialized in English Arts and taught English as the primary language...
15. Mikk Rand Mikk Rand Director, Vares ja hiired
16. Merle Talvik Merle Talvik Actress, Karge meri
17. Marilyn Jurman Marilyn Jurman Actress, I Was Here
18. Ivo Uukkivi Ivo Uukkivi Actor, City Unplugged
19. Liliyan Malkina Liliyan Malkina Actress, Kolya
20. Tarmo Ruubel Tarmo Ruubel Actor, Little Nurse
21. Grigori Kromanov Grigori Kromanov Director, Viimne reliikvia
22. Mart Müürisepp Mart Müürisepp Actor, Vasha
23. Andres Puustusmaa Andres Puustusmaa Actor, 1814
24. Mart Raun Mart Raun Cinematographer, Distants
25. Kiur Aarma Kiur Aarma Producer, Disco and Atomic War
26. Nils Moritz Nils Moritz Actor, Ogifta par - En film som skiljer sig
27. Bruno O'Ya Bruno O'Ya Actor, Niekas nenorejo mirti
28. Vladas Radvilavicius Vladas Radvilavicius Actor, Jackpot
29. Natalya Sayko Natalya Sayko Actress, Golos
30. Anneli Ahven Anneli Ahven Producer, The Visitor
31. Tõnu Kark Tõnu Kark Actor, Lilya 4-Ever
32. Alfred Rosenberg Alfred Rosenberg Self, Triumph of the Will
33. Ülo Pikkov Ülo Pikkov Director, Kehamälu
34. Aarne Üksküla Aarne Üksküla Actor, Kapsapea
35. Maria Avdjushko Maria Avdjushko Actress, Rahu tänav
36. Katariina Unt Katariina Unt Actress, Somnambulance
37. Ingrid Cristea Ingrid Cristea Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, An American Haunting
38. Eino Tamberg Eino Tamberg Composer, Põrgupõhja uus Vanapagan
39. Robert Gernhardt Robert Gernhardt Writer, Otto - Der Film
40. Jaak Kilmi Jaak Kilmi Director, Disco and Atomic War
41. Elsa Wagner Elsa Wagner Actress, The Haunted Castle
42. Jüri Krjukov Jüri Krjukov Actor, Kapsapea
43. Mikk Mikiver Mikk Mikiver Actor, Rahu tänav
44. Rein Oja Rein Oja Actor, Jackpot
45. Birgit Õigemeel Birgit Õigemeel Actress, Kormoranid ehk Nahkpükse ei pesta
46. Ilmar Taska Ilmar Taska Director, Set Point
47. Ada Lundver Ada Lundver Actress, Keskpäevane praam One of the two blond sex kittens of the sixties Estonian cinema (the other being Eve Kivi), she was not only glamorous to look at, but also an immensely talented actress. However, she seemed to lack the determination to become a superstar, and unlike Eve Kivi, who clawed her way to the very top of the Socialist cinema ladder...
48. Merle Palmiste Merle Palmiste Actress, Screwed in Tallinn
49. Jaan Kross Jaan Kross Writer, Kolme katku vahel
50. Urmas Alender Urmas Alender Self, Pingul keel
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