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1. Karina Lombard Karina Lombard Actress, Legends of the Fall Karina Lombard is an actor, screenwriter and director. She is known for memorable roles in both film and television and has costarred opposite some of the biggest box office stars in the world. Lombard began her career as a model after having been discovered in New York by famed photographer Bruce Weber...
2. Vaitiare Hirshon Vaitiare Hirshon Actress, U.S. Marshals Vaitiare was born Vaitiare Eugenie Hirshon in Tahiti, French Polynesia, and was later known as Vaitiare Bandera, after she married producer Peter Bandera in 1994-97. She has an older brother and a younger half-brother. Her parents met during the filming of Mutiny on the Bounty, starring Marlon Brando...
3. Conrad L. Hall Conrad L. Hall Cinematographer, American Beauty Born in Tahiti, the son of writer James Norman Hall, author of "Mutiny on the Bounty," Conrad Hall studied filmmaking at USC. He and two classmates formed a production company and sold a project to a local television station. Hall's company branched out into making industrial films and TV commercials...
4. G.K. Bowes G.K. Bowes Actress, Happily N'Ever After 2
5. Rita Corday Rita Corday Actress, The Body Snatcher
6. Cali Lili Hauser Cali Lili Hauser Actress, The Blue Lizard Cali Lili Hauser earned her Masters from New York University as a teenager. She skipped several grades, then entered NYU early on full scholarship. With legendary Edward G. Robinson as one of the distinguished members of her ancestry, Cali continues a tradition of excellence, as she dedicates herself to earning her "place" as an up-and-coming young actress/filmmaker...
7. Jocelyne LaGarde Jocelyne LaGarde Actress, Hawaii
8. Leo C. Richmond Leo C. Richmond Actor, Daughter of the Jungle
9. Anne Chevalier Anne Chevalier Actress, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
10. Vai Tiare Vai Tiare Actress, You Got Served
11. Mareva Galanter Mareva Galanter Actress, The Pink Panther Born in Tahiti, she became Miss Tahiti, then Miss France 1999. She was a French TV host before she started acting. Lead female in the cult comedy Les Gaous (2004), she won a casting competition to win a part opposite Kevin Kline in The Pink Panther (2005) for Warner Bros.
12. Bill Bambridge Bill Bambridge Actor, Tabu: A Story of the South Seas
13. Ella Koon Ella Koon Actress, Lung Fu Moon
14. Charles Mauu Charles Mauu Actor, Pagan Love Song
15. Terii Rua Terii Rua Actor, Forbidden Island
16. Anituavau Landé Anituavau Landé Actor, Le prince du Pacifique
17. Johnny Frisbee Johnny Frisbee Self, De wereld van Boudewijn Büch
18. Charles Hirshon Charles Hirshon Miscellaneous Crew, Tahiti's Girl
19. Napua Napua Actor, White Shadows in the South Seas
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