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1. Dominika Juillet Dominika Juillet Actress, Art History
2. Agata Kulesza Agata Kulesza Actress, Ida
3. Anna Cieslak Anna Cieslak Actress, Your Name Is Justine
4. Heinrich George Heinrich George Actor, Metropolis
5. Dita Parlo Dita Parlo Actress, La Grande Illusion
6. Bartek Kasprzykowski Bartek Kasprzykowski Actor, Syzyfowe prace
7. Hans Heinrich von Twardowski Hans Heinrich von Twardowski Actor, The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari
8. Jerzy Zielinski Jerzy Zielinski Cinematographer, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
9. Monika Lennartz Monika Lennartz Actress, Mädchenabend
10. Radek Ladczuk Radek Ladczuk Cinematographer, The Babadook
11. Ellen Schwiers Ellen Schwiers Actress, 1900
12. Burkhard Driest Burkhard Driest Actor, Querelle
13. Michael Holm Michael Holm Self, Rated V for Violins
14. Krzysztof Lukaszewicz Krzysztof Lukaszewicz Writer, Viva Belarus!
15. George Sherwood George Sherwood Actor, Wild Justice
16. Hilde Weissner Hilde Weissner Actress, Traumulus
17. Ilona Ostrowska Ilona Ostrowska Actress, How Much Does the Trojan Horse Weigh? She graduated from the National Theatre School in Krakow in 1998. In years 2002 to 2011 was an actress in Teatr Wspolczesny in Warszawa. She is know from her role as Lucy Wilska in "Ranczo" and has played her so far. In 2004 she married an actor and director Jacek Borcuch, but divorced him in 2012. They have one daughter, born in 2006.
18. Dany Mann Dany Mann Actress, The River Line
19. Malte Petzel Malte Petzel Actor, Battle of Britain
20. Mogens von Gadow Mogens von Gadow Actor, Waffen für Amerika
21. Volker Koepp Volker Koepp Director, Herr Zwilling und Frau Zuckermann
22. Karolina Sawka Karolina Sawka Actress, In Desert and Wilderness
23. Lambros Ziotas Lambros Ziotas Producer, Body
24. Lutz Riemann Lutz Riemann Actor, Warum ich...
25. Piotr Grabowski Piotr Grabowski Actor, The Stain
26. Adalbert Plica Adalbert Plica Director, Nachbeben
27. Arno Paulsen Arno Paulsen Actor, Murderers Among Us
28. Heinz Giese Heinz Giese Actor, Fluchtversuch
29. Izabela Janachowska Izabela Janachowska Self, Taniec z gwiazdami IX
30. Kamil Krolak Kamil Krolak Director, Fifty People One Question Born in Poland in 1986 in picturesque Szczecin. In 2007 he decided to follow his passion and moved to Galway to start Film and TV (Media Production) course in Galway Community College which he finished with highest distinction. In 2009 he enrolled Film and Television course in Galway Mayo Institute Of Technology...
31. Klaus Gendries Klaus Gendries Director, Telegenerell
32. Marie Luise Droop Marie Luise Droop Writer, Das rollende Schicksal
33. Janusz Kijowski Janusz Kijowski Director, Kung-fu
34. Miroslaw Bielinski Miroslaw Bielinski Actor, History of Cinema in Popielawy
35. Jan Jurewicz Jan Jurewicz Actor, Schindler's List
36. Alfred Döblin Alfred Döblin Writer, Berlin-Alexanderplatz - Die Geschichte Franz Biberkopfs German novelist Alfred Doblin was born in Stettin, Germany, in 1888. When he was ten years old his family moved to Berlin, and Alfred later attended Berlin and Freiburg universities, where he studied medicine. He received his MD degree in 1905 and was hired by a newspaper in Regensburg as a correspondent...
37. Arnim Dahl Arnim Dahl Actor, Wegen Reichtum geschlossen
38. Henning Venske Henning Venske Self, Episode dated 23 December 1974
39. Justyna Sieniawska Justyna Sieniawska Actress, Ciacho
40. Brigitte Lindenberg Brigitte Lindenberg Actress, Nur ein Spaß
41. Isabella Lewandowski Isabella Lewandowski Actress, Weirdo Beach
42. Roland Kuchenbuch Roland Kuchenbuch Actor, Rückwärts laufen kann ich auch
43. Margit Nünke Margit Nünke Actress, Das haut hin
44. Piotr Andrejew Piotr Andrejew Director, Czule miejsca
45. Marcin Macuk Marcin Macuk Composer, Demon
46. Adrian Perdjon Adrian Perdjon Actor, Inferno Below
47. Anna Januszewska Anna Januszewska Actress, The Word
48. Barbara Sulkowska Barbara Sulkowska Actress, Powrót
49. Ewa Jacuta Ewa Jacuta Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Zwolnieni z zycia
50. Joanna Pokojska Joanna Pokojska Actress, My Flesh My Blood
1-50 of 130 names.