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1. Carina Lau Carina Lau Actress, 2046 Carina Lau moved to Hong Kong with her family at the age of 14 and at the the time could not speak the local Cantonese and was often teased by other people the "Mainland Girl". She would eventually gave her best effort to learn the language and then was re-accepted at the TVB actors training program when she had improved her speaking ability...
2. David Chiang David Chiang Actor, Wong Fei Hung II: Nam yee tung chi keung David Chiang was born in Suzhou, China on June 29, 1947. His mother Hung Wei and father Yim Dut were very popular movie stars. Young David began his acting career at a very early age, appearing in black & white films while he was only 4 years old. "John" is David's real English name, while "David" was a stage name given to him by Director Chang Cheh...
3. Joseph Koo Joseph Koo Composer, A Better Tomorrow
4. Yin Tze Pan Yin Tze Pan Actress, Around the World in 80 Days
5. Pao-Shu Kao Pao-Shu Kao Actress, Sons of the Good Earth
6. Hsiao Pao Ko Hsiao Pao Ko Actor, Jiang hu ban ba dao
7. Sha-Fei Ouyang Sha-Fei Ouyang Actress, Long quan
8. Carrie Ku Mei Carrie Ku Mei Actress, Xiao yun que
9. W.T. Chang W.T. Chang Actor, Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing
10. Hsiang Ting Ko Hsiang Ting Ko Actor, Feng yue
11. Su Ying Huang Su Ying Huang Actress, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
12. Cecilia Han Cecilia Han Actress, Pian pian ai shang ni
13. Yunzhu Shangguan Yunzhu Shangguan Actress, Wuya yu maque
14. Chin-Feng Wang Chin-Feng Wang Actress, Five Fingers of Death
15. Chen Bai Chen Bai Director, Under the Bridge
16. Yuen Kao Yuen Kao Actor, Feng kuang sha shou
17. Mason Ma Mason Ma Actor, Jimmy & Maggie Mason Ma was born in Suzhou, Jiangsu, China. He went to New York Film Academy in Los Angeles and began to study acting when he was age 19. He appeared in Generosity.
18. Mingzhu Yin Mingzhu Yin Actress, Pan si dong
19. Yuan Gao Yuan Gao Actor, Lei yu
20. Ruolin Chen Ruolin Chen Self, Beijing 2008: Games of the XXIX Olympiad
21. Yuan-liang Lu Yuan-liang Lu Sound Department, Ye ban ge sheng
21 names.