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1. Prunella Scales Prunella Scales Actress, Fawlty Towers
2. Penelope Keith Penelope Keith Actress, Good Neighbors
3. Michael Greco Michael Greco Actor, EastEnders
4. Karen Mayo-Chandler Karen Mayo-Chandler Actress, Explorers Slim, lovely and sultry brunette British beauty Karen Mayo-Chandler brought a winning blend of sexiness and classiness to a handful of enjoyably lowbrow exploitation features made in the 80s and 90s. Karen was born on April 18, 1958 in Sutton, Surrey, England. Slender and elegant, with blue eyes and brown hair...
5. Michael Reeves Michael Reeves Writer, The Conqueror Worm
6. Fanny Carby Fanny Carby Actress, Lassiter
7. David Wood David Wood Actor, Huntingtower
8. James Huth James Huth Writer, Serial Lover
9. Alice Nokes Alice Nokes Actress, EastEnders
10. Ashley Knight Ashley Knight Actor, Treasure Island
11. Simon Reed Simon Reed Actor, Ninja, the Violent Sorceror
12. Tayler Marshall Tayler Marshall Actor, Jack the Giant Slayer Tayler Marshall was born in 2000 in Sutton, London. In 2005 he auditioned for a small talking role in the BBC1 comedy My Family which lead to him being offered the main part of Kenzo Harper. Tayler appeared in My Family for 23 episodes over a period of 5 series and 5 years and featured heavily in the final ever episode...
13. Joshua Pascoe Joshua Pascoe Actor, EastEnders
14. Sonia Holm Sonia Holm Actress, The Bad Lord Byron
15. Norman Lee Norman Lee Director, The Pride of the Force
16. Karin MacCarthy Karin MacCarthy Actress, Pride and Prejudice
17. Robert Wynne-Simmons Robert Wynne-Simmons Writer, The Outcasts
18. Bob Danvers Walker Bob Danvers Walker Actor, Armchair Theatre
19. James Cracknell James Cracknell Self, The Boat Race
20. Clark Datchler Clark Datchler Actor, Midnight Heat Clark Datchler was just a teenager when he released his first single titled 'You Won't Get Fooled Again' (1981). The single featured the drummer and bassist from reggae group Aswad. Following this record, Clark signed up with Warner Bros. Records and moved to the States, Los Angeles, where he began writing songs for various bands...
21. John Fox John Fox Composer, The Fur Collar
22. Sam Ardley Sam Ardley Actor, Batman 20 Years On
23. Mark Constantine Mark Constantine Writer, The Insider
24. Richard Blatchley Richard Blatchley Actor, BBC Sunday-Night Theatre
25. Howard Marshall Howard Marshall Self, The Boat Race Howard Marshall was a master of the spoken word. He earned a place in cricket history as the first BBC broadcaster to commentate reports of the game. He was an Authentic while at Oxford. He became well known to thousands of radio listeners for his descriptions of boxing, rugby football and events during the second world war in North Africa and Western Europe...
26. Robbie McIntosh Robbie McIntosh Soundtrack, Swingers
27. Aubrey Danvers-Walker Aubrey Danvers-Walker Actor, Canterbury Tales
28. Denis Constanduros Denis Constanduros Writer, Holiday Camp
29. David Weir David Weir Self, The London Marathon
30. Angus Calder Angus Calder Writer, The World at War
31. Peter Ladefoged Peter Ladefoged Self, P.O.V.
32. Jason Bulley Jason Bulley Camera and Electrical Department, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
33. Gordon Humphris Gordon Humphris Miscellaneous Crew, Come Dance with Me
34. Andrée Tourneur Andrée Tourneur Actress, The Actress
35. Arthur H. Miller Arthur H. Miller Writer, Marry the Girl
36. Steve Davis Steve Davis Producer, Christopher Lee: A Life in Films
37. Christopher Sweet Christopher Sweet Visual Effects, V for Vendetta
38. Violet Casselden Violet Casselden Special Effects, ZTV - Ziltoid TV
39. Ralph D. Hogg Ralph D. Hogg Production Manager, Passport to Pimlico
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