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1. Karina Plachetka Karina Plachetka Actress, Two Mothers
2. Arkadiusz Jakubik Arkadiusz Jakubik Actor, The Dark House
3. Stan Barua Stan Barua Cinematographer, Baba's House
4. Jacek Kruczkowski Jacek Kruczkowski Cinematographer, Zaglowiec
5. Erich Mende Erich Mende Self, Erich Mende
6. Grzegorz Kruszewski Grzegorz Kruszewski Director, Krzysztof Kakolewski Grzegorz 'Greg' Kruszewski, a Polish-born film director, writer and actor. Between 1985-1989 studied film and theater directing at the world's foremost film school: PWSFTViT (Polish National Academy of Film, Theater and TV in Lodz, Poland). He graduated this extensive, 4-year art college in 1989. Among his teachers and mentors were: Jerzy Kawalerowicz (Mother Joanna of Angels)...
7. Katarzyna Madaj-Kozlowska Katarzyna Madaj-Kozlowska Production Manager, The Boy on the Galloping Horse
7 names.