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1. Shawn Roberts Shawn Roberts Actor, X-Men The year 1994 marked the beginning of the career for Canadian actor Shawn Roberts. Born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada on April 2, Shawn lucked upon a life-changing break while he was portraying the part of the Wolf in a school play version of Little Red Riding Hood. Award-winning screenwriter Robert Forsyth...
2. Joe Dinicol Joe Dinicol Actor, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
3. Ron Kennell Ron Kennell Actor, Pompeii
4. Ian James Smith Ian James Smith Actor, Black Donnellys Ian has won awards due to his hard work and dedication. Ian's roles have ranged from comic relief to dramatic death scenes. Ian's roles include John Kenndy Jr. in the Black Donnellys and Chris Lacey in Twilight Ride (2017). Ian is also Jake in Mercy Love The Possessed. His other passions are fencing with the SCA...
5. Cynthia Belliveau Cynthia Belliveau Actress, Caitlin's Way
6. Richard Manuel Richard Manuel Soundtrack, Raging Bull Richard Manuel was one of the leaders of the rock group The Band. Known as the "funny" one, Manuel was also very frail and was prone to drug use. He sang some of the group's most prominent songs, "King Harvest (Has Surely Come)", "Tears of Rage", "Whispering Pines" and "I Shall Be Released". After starring in a few films and The Band's masterpiece concert The Last Waltz...
7. John Bradshaw John Bradshaw Director, Full Disclosure
8. Lloyd Robertson Lloyd Robertson Actor, Colours from the Queen
9. Esthero Esthero Soundtrack, 21 Jump Street
10. Eli Ham Eli Ham Actor, Genius
11. Anne Pritchard Anne Pritchard Production Designer, Snake Eyes
12. Gretta Gould Gretta Gould Actress, Min and Bill
13. Gordon Jocelyn Gordon Jocelyn Actor, The Dead Zone
14. Terrence Bryant Terrence Bryant Actor, Walter and Henry
15. Larry Kerr Larry Kerr Actor, The Lost Missile
16. Jeremy Elzinga Jeremy Elzinga Actor, Omnivac
17. Steve Joles Steve Joles Sound Department, Gate 2: The Trespassers Born in Stratford, Ontario, Steve Joles rose to be one of the finest sound mixers recordists in the world. Just beginning to reach his full potential Steve, was tragically killed in an accident just after completing filming of Divided Loyalties, for which he and his crew were honored with a Gemini Award for Best Sound in a Dramatic Program or Series...
18. Tim Taylor Tim Taylor Actor, Luster
19. James Reaney James Reaney Writer, Poets on Film No. 1
20. Paul Erdman Paul Erdman Writer, Silver Bears
21. Jay Baker Jay Baker Editor, Floyd the Butcher
22. William Ronald William Ronald Self, Q for Quest
23. Don Edward Cook Don Edward Cook Director, The Last Atlantean Don Edward Cook, an eclectic man who decided late in life to embark upon the path of a filmmaker, has always had a love for film and television that always went beyond that of the mere moviegoer or TV viewer. Indeed, this man who was born in Stratford, Ontario, Canada in 1962 always seemed to have wisdom beyond his years --- a wisdom that has also given him a much rougher-than-average childhood...
24. Patti Muma-Cook Patti Muma-Cook Actress, Daughter of the King Patti Muma-Cook had dreamed of being on stage or in movies when she was growing up but she never had the nerve to pursue that path then. Instead she went the 'safe' route. She finished school and started a family at the age of 18. 5 children later, and various monotonous jobs like waitressing and factory work...
25. Dayna Manning Dayna Manning Music Department, Better Than Chocolate
26. Frank Stalley Frank Stalley Self, Scan
27. Robin McKenzie Robin McKenzie Actor, The Wars
28. Jodeyne Higgins Jodeyne Higgins Self, Battle of the Blades
29. Tom Patterson Tom Patterson Producer, Oedipus Rex
29 names.