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1. Marcel Marceau Marcel Marceau Actor, Barbarella Marcel Marceau was the legendary mime, who survived the Nazi occupation, and saved many children in WWII. He was regarded for his peerless style pantomime, moving audiences without uttering a single word, and was known to the World as a "master of silence." He was born Marcel Mangel on March 22, 1923...
2. Claude Rich Claude Rich Actor, Asterix and Obelix Meet Cleopatra
3. Georges Du Fresne Georges Du Fresne Actor, Ma vie en rose
4. André Wilms André Wilms Actor, Le Havre
5. Gérard Buhr Gérard Buhr Actor, A View to a Kill
6. Arsène Wenger Arsène Wenger Self, Thierry Henry: Legend
7. Ben Dova Ben Dova Actor, Marathon Man
8. Ann-Gisel Glass Ann-Gisel Glass Actress, Leise Schatten
9. Tom Evans Tom Evans Miscellaneous Crew, The Greatest Miracle
10. Tomi Ungerer Tomi Ungerer Writer, The Three Robbers
11. Jacques Penot Jacques Penot Actor, For Those I Loved
12. Jean-Michel Tinivelli Jean-Michel Tinivelli Actor, Empire of the Wolves
13. M. Pokora M. Pokora Self, À La Poursuite Du Bonheur Tour - Live à Bercy
14. Thierry de Brem Thierry de Brem Actor, Le bijou d'amour
15. Laurent Boulanger Laurent Boulanger Actor, Six Lovers Laurent is scriptwriter, actor, director and producer. He is represented by Select Actors Management (Australia). French-born and Australia-based, he has also appeared in a dozen of feature films, training videos, television shows and television commercials. He is the writer-director of the feature film Six Lovers (2012) and La Souffrance (2015)...
16. Thierry Mugler Thierry Mugler Self, Thierry Mugler
17. Valérie Stroh Valérie Stroh Actress, Baptême
18. Alphonse Martell Alphonse Martell Actor, Unguarded Girls
19. Blutch Blutch Director, Peur(s) du noir
20. Barnabás Tóth Barnabás Tóth Director, Újratervezés Barnabas Toth was born in Strasbourg as the second son of a Hungarian french teacher father and a school officer mother. He strated his movie carreer as an actor at the age of seven in Budapest. After graduating from the College for International Business Studies he continued at the Academy of TV, Film and Drama of Budapest...
21. Pierre Danny Pierre Danny Actor, Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge
22. Paul Ohl Paul Ohl Writer, Highlander: The Final Dimension
23. Sylviane Godé Sylviane Godé Actress, Man Bites Dog
24. Noel Regney Noel Regney Soundtrack, Gremlins
25. Gustave Doré Gustave Doré Art Department, Oliver Twist
26. Pamela Princess Pamela Princess Actress, Fuck Dolls 3
27. Lisa Manili Lisa Manili Actress, La chose sûre
28. Sacha Wolff Sacha Wolff Director, Does It Make a Sound?
29. Sacha Guillaume Sacha Guillaume Production Manager, Paria
30. Francette Vernillat Francette Vernillat Actress, The Adultress
31. Jeremy Haccoun Jeremy Haccoun Director, Paradox
32. François Chalais François Chalais Self, Episode dated 19 January 1963
33. Rudy Lenoir Rudy Lenoir Actor, La Grande Vadrouille
34. Bernard Woringer Bernard Woringer Actor, Angélique, marquise des anges
35. Eliette Abecassis Eliette Abecassis Writer, Kadosh
36. Jean Oser Jean Oser Editor, The 3 Penny Opera
37. Emil Waldteufel Emil Waldteufel Soundtrack, The Book Thief
38. Jérémie Steib Jérémie Steib Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Les guignols de l'info
39. Jules Kruger Jules Kruger Cinematographer, Napoleon
40. Helmar Lerski Helmar Lerski Cinematographer, Waxworks
41. Germain Muller Germain Muller Actor, Saids Schicksale
42. Reno Nonsens Reno Nonsens Self, Episode dated 24 August 1985
43. Kurt Heuser Kurt Heuser Writer, To New Shores
44. Amélie Diéterlé Amélie Diéterlé Actress, The Cat That Changed Into a Woman
45. Franck Salomé Franck Salomé Writer, Cécile & Kevin
46. Kamy D. Bruder Kamy D. Bruder Actor, La benediction
47. J. Joachim Bartsch J. Joachim Bartsch Writer, Winnetou: The Last Shot
48. Petit Petit Self, Goal! III
49. Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt Hans Heinz Stuckenschmidt Composer, Filmstudie
50. Marguerite Deval Marguerite Deval Actress, Tovaritch
1-50 of 73 names.