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1. Chris Isaak Chris Isaak Soundtrack, Eyes Wide Shut
2. Ross Thomas Ross Thomas Actor, Soul Surfer
3. Jazz Raycole Jazz Raycole Actress, Babe Jazz Raycole is a professionally trained dancer. By four years of age, she was involved in dance competitions, and has trained with many top choreographers. She is currently dancing under the supervision of multi-talented choreographer Debbie Allen. After deciding to break into acting, Raycole and her family moved to Los Angeles...
4. Grant Lee Phillips Grant Lee Phillips Soundtrack, Friends with Benefits Singer/songwriter/actor Grant-Lee Phillips, formerly of the band Grant Lee Buffalo, He was voted "Best Male Vocalist" of 1994 by Rolling Stone. The band's most popular songs include "Fuzzy", "Mockingbirds" and "Truly, Truly." Phillips stars in the recurring role of The Town Troubadour on the popular series Gilmore Girls...
5. Dennis Dun Dennis Dun Actor, Big Trouble in Little China
6. Chris Olivero Chris Olivero Actor, By Dawn's Early Light Chris Olivero continually heats up the screen with roles on some of television's hottest shows. His talent, good looks, fresh face, and piercing eyes place Chris in a category of his own. He stars in the ABC Network and ABC Family show Kyle XY. In his role, Chris plays Declan, the popular boy whose traumatic experience with the death of his brother has greatly affected his life...
7. Lauren Mary Kim Lauren Mary Kim Stunts, Star Trek
8. Mark Gantt Mark Gantt Actor, Ocean's Eleven Co-Creator and Star of Sony TV's successful Web Series/Feature Film "The Bannen Way" on Crackle.com. Mark is a series regular on the Canadian series "Bluff", recently Guest-Stared on Showtime's "Dexter", recurred on Felicia Day's "The Guild" and stars in Joe Penna's (Mystery Guitar Man) "Meridian" opposite Orlando Jones...
9. Chuck Hicks Chuck Hicks Stunts, Star Trek: The Next Generation
10. Margaret Markov Margaret Markov Actress, The Arena Tall, graceful and willowy, with a shapely, slender figure, lengthy straw blonde hair, very precise and delicate facial features, quite solid and capable acting skills, a bright, sunny, upbeat persona, and, most refreshingly, a strong, durable, take-charge attitude, the strikingly statuesque Margaret...
11. Mary McDonald-Lewis Mary McDonald-Lewis Actress, The Cat and the Claw Part II
12. Dolores Moran Dolores Moran Actress, To Have and Have Not Better known for her scandalous private life than for her mild film input, the story goes that blonde, extremely well-endowed Dolores Moran was checked out at an annual Sacramento Elks Lodge picnic in 1941 by a Warner Brothers talent scout in the early 40s and a starlet was born. Born in Stockton, California in 1924...
13. David Haskell David Haskell Actor, Body Double
14. Robert Tyler Robert Tyler Actor, As the World Turns
15. Lamont Johnson Lamont Johnson Director, Wallenberg: A Hero's Story
16. Tyler Mazzei Tyler Mazzei Actor, Mighty Benjamin Little
17. Dan Inosanto Dan Inosanto Stunts, Big Stan Noted Filipino-American martial arts practitioner, who studied "jeet kune do" from fellow martial artist and actor Bruce Lee. Always seeking to improve his knowledge, Inosanto holds numerous belts in various martial arts including Asian, American & Brazilian disciplines such as Muay Thai, Pentjak Silat & Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu...
18. Ingrid Anderson Ingrid Anderson Actress, Hercules
19. Mike Estes Mike Estes Miscellaneous Crew, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
20. Caon Mortenson Caon Mortenson Actor, The Sunday Man
21. Sara Burgess Sara Burgess Actress, The Swim
22. Beulah Quo Beulah Quo Actress, General Hospital
23. Jo McDonnell Jo McDonnell Actress, The Munsters' Revenge
24. Steven R. McGlothen Steven R. McGlothen Producer, I, Robot
25. Jim Mitchell Jim Mitchell Producer, Behind the Green Door Jim Mitchell and his brother Artie were pioneers in the production of pornographic films and "adult entertainment" in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in the Swinging Sixties. In addition to shooting porno loops and feature films, they also founded San Francisco's O'Farrell Theater, a porno grind house they later turned into a sex entertainment emporium featuring nude dancing and sex shows...
26. Stephen Poletti Stephen Poletti Actor, General Hospital
27. Nick Diaz Nick Diaz Self, UFC 59: Reality Check
28. Africa Africa Actress, Women of Color 3
29. Herbert Patterson Herbert Patterson Actor, Midnight
30. Cay Forester Cay Forester Actress, D.O.A.
31. Lois Wheeler Lois Wheeler Actress, Guiding Light
32. Joseph Torres Jr. Joseph Torres Jr. Camera and Electrical Department, Mr. & Mrs. Smith Joseph Torres, Jr. was born and raised in the central San Joaquin Valley town of Stockton. His father, Joseph Torres, Sr. was sports cinematographer and his mother, Gloria, a high school teacher for over 40 years. Exposed to photography at an early age, he spent most weekends of his childhood in the motion picture processing lab that his father owned and operated...
33. Bill Humphreys Bill Humphreys Actor, Just Say Love Born and raised in Stockton, California, Bill Humphreys has worked from coast to coast as an actor, producer and director in radio, television, film and live theatre for the past 40 years. A look at the producing side of his career shows a range of projects from documentary: To Kill In California; On The Wing; In Focus: The Hollywood lens of Murray Garrett...
34. Scutter McKay Scutter McKay Actor, Nice Day Scutter was born in Stockton California, where 1945, his parents owned the Sunset Cafe; and in 1949-52 the Oak Park Inn. In 1953 the family moved to Palo Alto, California and until 1976 owned both "Palo Alto and Peninsula Feed and Fuel Co." and in 1959 "The Straw Man" imports, located in Palo Alto's Town and Country Village...
35. Izzy Gallegos Izzy Gallegos Self, Premiya Muz-TV 2006
36. Jeremy Meeks Jeremy Meeks Self, Mugshot Jeremy Meeks is a convicted felon who rose to fame after his sexy mugshot was posted on the Facebook page of the Stockton Police Department. He was arrested and charged on June 18 for a felony charge of street terrorism as well as for a misdemeanor charge of resisting/obstruction of justice. At the time of this writing...
37. Rosanne Ma Rosanne Ma Director, The Bakery
38. Willard Harrell Willard Harrell Self, Pittsburgh Steelers vs. St. Louis Cardinals
39. Walter Ray Williams Walter Ray Williams Self, A League of Ordinary Gentlemen A child prodigy at horseshoe pitching, Walter Ray Williams Jr. took up bowling as a teenager and turned professional in his early 20s. He had a breakthrough year in 1986, winning three national titles and was named the Professional Bowlers Association's Bowler of the Year. After several moderately successful years...
40. Mike Macfarlane Mike Macfarlane Self, Greatest First Baseman
41. Dick Jane Dick Jane Writer, Diligo Victum Dick Jane is a filmmaker, screenwriter, and artist. His work addresses themes of sex, violence, and the inhumanity of our species.
42. Cliffie Stone Cliffie Stone Producer, Hometown Jamboree
43. Dennis Etchison Dennis Etchison Actor, Killing Time
44. Lewis Brown Lewis Brown Costume Designer, Valdez Is Coming
45. Rich Bokides Rich Bokides Miscellaneous Crew, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
46. Michael Midgley Michael Midgley Self, Finale: Part 2
47. Greg Bishop Greg Bishop Self, Atlanta Falcons vs. New York Giants
48. J.D. Hill J.D. Hill Self, O.J. Simpson
49. Matt Bouchard Matt Bouchard Visual Effects, Avatar
50. Leonard Gardner Leonard Gardner Writer, Fat City
1-50 of 90 names.