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1. Kristoffer Joner Kristoffer Joner Actor, Next Door
2. Rolf Kristian Larsen Rolf Kristian Larsen Actor, Cold Prey
3. Ole Christoffer Ertvaag Ole Christoffer Ertvaag Actor, The Man Who Loved Yngve
4. Arthur Berning Arthur Berning Actor, The Man Who Loved Yngve
5. Thomas Aske Berg Thomas Aske Berg Actor, På bølgelengde
6. Rebecca Hanssen Rebecca Hanssen Actress, Red Sky Rebecca Hanssen is an actress/ model from Glasgow in Scotland. Originally born in Norway, her family moved to Scotland when she was 4 years old and as a result she is multi-lingual. Rebecca began acting at the age of five attending numerous drama schools including Pace and UK Theatre School studying singing...
7. Arild Østin Ommundsen Arild Østin Ommundsen Director, It's Only Make Believe
8. Silje Salomonsen Silje Salomonsen Actress, It's Only Make Believe
9. Avind Harum Avind Harum Actor, Nighthawks
10. Kristian Valen Kristian Valen Actor, Valen TV Comedian, actor, award winning impersonator, singer/songwriter, producer, director, writer and all-round artist. A self made man with his own company (Deepwater Entertainment) since nobody believed in his ideas of entertainment in the beginning so he had to fund, write, produce, direct and perform everything himself in the beginning...
11. John Erik Kaada John Erik Kaada Composer, O'Horten Kaada (John Erik Kaada) is a Norwegian composer. In addition to writing his scores, he also performs many of the instruments heard in many of his compositions. Kaada is known for his collection and inclusion of rare and unusual instruments from around the world. He is a classical trained pianist, and runs a studio facility in Oslo Norway called Wrongroom.
12. Øyvind Larsen Runestad Øyvind Larsen Runestad Actor, Kiss Me You Fucking Moron
13. Vegard H. Sorby Vegard H. Sorby Editorial Department, Piranha 3DD
14. Tore Renberg Tore Renberg Writer, The Man Who Loved Yngve
15. Håvard Helle Håvard Helle Camera and Electrical Department, On The Edge Håvard grew up on Hundvåg, an island outside Stavanger, Norway. He lives in Oxford, England and has a degree in Film Studies from Oxford Brookes University with his dissertation on complex narrative structures in film. He has produced and worked on shorts in both Norway and England, and collaborated with filmmakers from many different countries notably Brazil and Malaysia.
16. Bjarne Andersen Bjarne Andersen Actor, Nødlanding
17. Glenn Goa Glenn Goa Sound Department, Heroes of Newerth
18. Rune Hagerup Rune Hagerup Actor, U
19. Mia Gundersen Mia Gundersen Self, Tribunefeber
20. Charlot Daysh Charlot Daysh Self, Junior Eurovision Song Contest
21. Axel Kielland Axel Kielland Writer, Live Dangerously
22. Liv Bredal Liv Bredal Actress, Hansen og Hansen
23. Barney Hellum Barney Hellum Actor, Horsefeathers
24. Thor G. Norås Thor G. Norås Actor, Nostalgia
25. Lars Thomas Skare Lars Thomas Skare Director, Fergus
26. Otto Malde Otto Malde Actor, Spartacus
27. Per Inge Torkelsen Per Inge Torkelsen Actor, Episode #28.165
28. Tor Einar Gudmestad Tor Einar Gudmestad Director, Sannhetens løgn Tor Einar Gudmestad was born August 13th 1996, in the city of Stavanger in Norway. He grew up in the nearby smaller city Jørpeland, just a ferry-trip away from Stavanger, with his ultimate idol being the fictional character MacGyver played by Richard Dean Anderson in the mid 80's, which he later ended up parodying in his own small web-series, called "MacGudmi"...
29. Erik Thorstvedt Erik Thorstvedt Self, Episode #2.4
30. Sina Langfeldt Sina Langfeldt Actress, Isle of Darkness
31. Espen Hana Espen Hana Actor, Jackie
32. Gerhard Bjelland Gerhard Bjelland Actor, Husbukken Versatile, expressive and distinguished actor who has spent his entire 45 year long career at the National Theatre in Oslo. Made his acting debut while still at Theatre Academy in 1960, in Norway's first ever TV theater production "Mens vi venter på politiet". Operates in a broad repertoire. The last few years have seen Bjelland perform in classical dramas by Ibsen...
33. Pål Skjønberg Pål Skjønberg Actor, Hunger Calm and thoughtful Norwegian character actor, as member of a family of actors, as son of Henny and Eugen Skjønberg and brother of Espen Skjønberg, he was from early age on interested in theater. Educated as an engineer, his affection for the theater was to strong, and in 1945 he had his stage debut at The Norwegian Theater in Oslo, he was engaged to this theater until retirement...
34. Bo B. Randulff Bo B. Randulff Camera and Electrical Department, Defiance
35. Sigbjørn Obstfelder Sigbjørn Obstfelder Writer, Den evige Eva
36. Nøste Schwab Nøste Schwab Actress, Tante Pose
37. Ragnhild Ásmundsdóttir Klepsvik Ragnhild Ásmundsdóttir Klepsvik Uncategorised
38. Lars Olav Karlsen Lars Olav Karlsen Self, Episode dated 29 October 2005
39. Åshild Helgevold Åshild Helgevold Actress, The Man Who Loved Yngve
40. Jan Simonsen Jan Simonsen Self, This World: Norway's Massacre
41. Atle Bråthen Atle Bråthen Camera and Electrical Department, Helt Kongle
42. Torleiv Kvalvik Torleiv Kvalvik Actor, Stavanger - St. Svithuns by
43. Alexander Kielland Alexander Kielland Writer, Jacobs stege
44. Markus Wyller Markus Wyller Actor, Fortuna
45. Randi Koch Randi Koch Actress, Jon
46. Mathilde Oftedal Broch Mathilde Oftedal Broch Actress, Suicide Mission
47. Ole Kopreitan Ole Kopreitan Self, Det meningsløse 2001
48. Henny Skjønberg Henny Skjønberg Actress, Tante Pose
49. Terese Birgitte Haraldsen Terese Birgitte Haraldsen Self, Big Brother - Norge vs. Sverige
50. Gunnar Eide Gunnar Eide Actor, Det største spillet
1-50 of 57 names.