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1. Marianne Sägebrecht Marianne Sägebrecht Actress, Bagdad Cafe Marianne Sägebrecht, aka, "mother of Munich's sub-culture", a name that was dubbed to her while she was working as a producer and performer in avant garde theater productions, was discovered by Percy Adlon in 1977. The director gave her a minor part in his feature "The Swing" before he gave her the leading role of Marianne...
2. Oskar Roehler Oskar Roehler Writer, The Elementary Particles
3. Kim Riedle Kim Riedle Actress, In weiter Ferne
4. Golo Euler Golo Euler Actor, The Grand Budapest Hotel
5. Sophie Rogall Sophie Rogall Actress, Do Fish Do It?
6. Mareike Lindenmeyer Mareike Lindenmeyer Actress, Bittere Unschuld
7. Eva Meier Eva Meier Actress, Die Versuchung
8. Sascha Heymans Sascha Heymans Actor, Ants in the Pants
9. Alexander Landsberger Alexander Landsberger Director, John Mulholland
10. Rainer Frieb Rainer Frieb Actor, Zoning
11. Max Conradt Max Conradt Producer, Zapped
12. Saara Waasner Saara Waasner Director, Urlaub für Immer
13. Andreas Schwaiger Andreas Schwaiger Actor, Skandal in Pullding
14. Mickey Fleddermann Mickey Fleddermann Actor, Diskret
15. Florian Nöhbauer Florian Nöhbauer Producer, Das Zimmer im Spiegel
16. Ingo Wirth Ingo Wirth Actor, Episode #1.599
17. Oskar Dimroth Oskar Dimroth Actor, His Royal Highness
18. Vespa Vasic Vespa Vasic Actress, Bloß kein Baby
18 names.