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1. Luv Adele Gaerlan Luv Adele Gaerlan Actor, McBain Daughter of the late Eddie M. Gaerlan. Currently residing in the Philippines. Luv Adela has Spanish blood and is distantly related to Filipino actors Mark Anthony Fernandez and Ace Vergel. In her youth she appeared in school plays (in Colegio San Agustin, Makati City) such as "Restless Heart" (based on the life of Saint Augustine)...
2. Richard King Richard King Actor, Can't Stop the Music
3. Mike Relon Makiling Mike Relon Makiling Director, Ma'am May We Go Out?
4. John Derek Gaerlan John Derek Gaerlan Actor, McBain
5. Majesty Gaerlan Majesty Gaerlan Actress, Screen One
5 names.