7 names.

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1. Andy Jones Andy Jones Actor, The Adventure of Faustus Bidgood
2. Greg Malone Greg Malone Actor, Codco
3. Helen Martini Helen Martini Self, Unusual Occupations The only daughter of Matthew and Alice (Fitzpatrick) Delaney, Helen had two brothers. Matthew Delaney, of English-Irish ancestry, was an adventurous merchant seaman. Unlike many parents who tell their children this, she really did walk several miles to school daily, including through the snow. Helen was born with an eye affliction that doctors said would result in blindness...
4. Vincent Bryan Vincent Bryan Writer, The Scrub Lady
5. Robert Thorne Robert Thorne Actor, Janice Meredith
6. Alexander Tilley Alexander Tilley Composer, Life Classes
7. Martyn Bennett Martyn Bennett Composer, Im
7 names.