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1. Esmé Bianco Esmé Bianco Actress, Winter Is Coming British-born Esmé Bianco is an internationally-acclaimed actress and performer, best-known for her role as "Ros" in the Emmy Award-winning show, Game of Thrones. Degree-educated in Drama and Theatre Arts at London's Goldsmiths University; Bianco's acting career started with performances in music videos for the likes of Robbie Williams and Slayer...
2. Mike Newell Mike Newell Director, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Attended Cambridge University. Three year training course at Granada Television, with intention of going into theatre. Graduated to directing TV plays, building strong reputation for work with David Hare, David Edgar, Hohn, John Osborne, Jack Rosenthal.
3. Cheryl Campbell Cheryl Campbell Actress, Chariots of Fire In 2008, Campbell contributed a stunning performance as the abusive Lady Boynton in "Agatha Christie's Poirot: Appointment with Death." Her characterization as La Boynton -- the rich, imperious matron wed to the dotty archaeologist Lord Boynton, wonderfully inhabited by Tim Curry -- was a total shock to those who knew her mainly from her stage performances...
4. Rolfe Kent Rolfe Kent Soundtrack, Dexter
5. Michael Morpurgo Michael Morpurgo Writer, War Horse
6. Graeme Harper Graeme Harper Director, Doomsday Grame Harper was originally a child actor, appearing in adaptations of "The Silver Sword" and "The Pickwick Papers" amongst other productions, before becoming a floor assistant at the BBC in 1965 and then an assistant floor manager in 1969. He worked on the Doctor Who adventures "Colony in Space," "Planet...
7. Paul Cattermole Paul Cattermole Actor, Boyfriends and Birthdays Paul was born 7 March 1977 in St Albans, England. His first big break was when Paul landed a part in a local performance of West Side Story. He then enrolled on a performing arts course, joined the National Youth Music Theatre's production of Pendragon and then took an acting and musical theatre course at Mountview Drama School...
8. Emma Crosby Emma Crosby Self, Episode dated 7 March 2014
9. Martin Gooch Martin Gooch Director, The Search for Simon
10. Hugo Napier Hugo Napier Actor, General Hospital
11. John Saunders John Saunders Actor, Episode #1.750
12. Jeremy Summers Jeremy Summers Director, The Vengeance of Fu Manchu
13. Simon Grover Simon Grover Actor, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1
14. Buddie Wilkinson Buddie Wilkinson Art Department, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
15. John Williams John Williams Producer, Firefly Dreams
16. Rod Argent Rod Argent Soundtrack, Kill Bill: Vol. 2
17. Dexter Britain Dexter Britain Composer, Till We Meet Again
18. Gavin Toomey Gavin Toomey Visual Effects, Superman Returns
19. Arthur Melbourne Cooper Arthur Melbourne Cooper Director, Dreams of Toyland Arthur Melbourne Cooper was born in St. Albans, England, in 1874. He was one of the founders of the British film industry and the creator of the world's first animation films (or "trick" films, as he called them). Matches: An Appeal was made for a government advertising campaign to invite public donations of matches for soldiers fighting in the Boer War...
20. Tom Walls Jr. Tom Walls Jr. Actor, Skid Kids
21. Nick Barker Nick Barker Miscellaneous Crew, Johnny Mnemonic
22. A.T. Dinsdale A.T. Dinsdale Cinematographer, The Fool and the Princess
23. Sonja Aldén Sonja Aldén Self, Episode dated 4 March 2014
24. Alban Conway Alban Conway Actor, Dance Pretty Lady
25. Zelia Attzs Zelia Attzs Actress, The Boys & Girl from County Clare
26. Adam Lallana Adam Lallana Self, Group D: England vs Italy
27. Leslie Baily Leslie Baily Writer, Gilbert and Sullivan
28. Arthur Swinson Arthur Swinson Writer, The Case of the Bristol Mail
29. Laurel Staffell Laurel Staffell Costume and Wardrobe Department, Live and Let Die
30. Charles Lippross Charles Lippross Art Director, George Lucas in Love
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