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1. Amanda Righetti Amanda Righetti Actress, Friday the 13th Amanda Righetti is a Utah-born, Nevada-raised actor/producer and Best Actress Award winner by the New York International Independent Film & Video Festival. Righetti began her career at 14, as a young model, but made waves as the trust-fund squandering, world-traveling black sheep, "Hailey Nichol", on Fox's The O.C....
2. Zach Moyes Zach Moyes Actor, Vegas Vacation
3. Gordon Westcott Gordon Westcott Actor, Footlight Parade Handsome, virile supporting player of varying roles in US films whose promising career ended with his early death.
4. Cory Nelson Cory Nelson Actor, The Slaughterhouse Massacre
5. Tyler Wilkinson Tyler Wilkinson Self, Tyler: A Real Hero
6. Aaron Jacques Aaron Jacques Actor, I Might Even Love You
7. Edgar Higgins Edgar Higgins Self, Episode #7.2
8. Bruce Hurst Bruce Hurst Self, Boston Red Sox: 100 Years of Baseball History
9. Lan Brookes Ritz Lan Brookes Ritz Miscellaneous Crew, Incident at Oglala
10. Doug Jolley Doug Jolley Self, Super Bowl XXXVII
11. Haven Andrus Haven Andrus Actress, Charly
12. Hillary Straga Hillary Straga Make-Up Department, The R.M.
13. Heidi Wilde Heidi Wilde Actress, The Princess and the Pea Chronicles
14. Kalea Traveller Kalea Traveller Actress, Beauty and the Least: The Misadventures of Ben Banks
14 names.