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1. Joshua Swanson Joshua Swanson Actor, Van Wilder
2. Chester Hayes Chester Hayes Actor, From Hell It Came
3. Robert J. Horner Robert J. Horner Director, Trails of Treachery Robert J. Horner was a prolific, if spectacularly untalented, producer/director in the late 1920s and early 1930s. He had only one eye and no legs (accounts differ as to whether he was born that way or lost them in a traffic accident in his youth), but that didn't stop him from producing quite a few low-budget--very...
4. Chad Durbin Chad Durbin Self, Sunday Night Baseball
5. Billy Papke Billy Papke Actor, The Prince of Broadway
6. Kat McCullough Kat McCullough Miscellaneous Crew, America's Next Top Model
7. Mike Goff Mike Goff Self, 2007 AFC Championship Game
8. Jason R. Davis Jason R. Davis Producer, Gordon Finn Jason R. Davis is the founder of the Chicago Horror Film Festival and the Indie Horror Film Festival. He has an education in film studies and screen writing. However, before he went into film, he had another love that had driven him. Writing. Reading. The Art of Fiction. He has spent much of his life both reading and writing...
8 names.