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1. Stipe Erceg Stipe Erceg Actor, Unknown
2. Slavko Sobin Slavko Sobin Actor, Ruza vjetrova Born in Split,Croatia. After finishing high school in his hometown, at 18, he moves to Los Angeles to graduate at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in 2006. He lives and works in Croatia now which gives him the opportunity to participate in both domestic productions as well as foreign co-productions. He does theatre, film and TV.
3. Ivana Basic Ivana Basic Actress, Liar
4. Marija Skaricic Marija Skaricic Actress, Fraulein
5. Ksenia Prohaska Ksenia Prohaska Actress, Bugsy
6. Natasa Janjic Natasa Janjic Actress, Ljudozder vegetarijanac
7. Remi Kazinoti Remi Kazinoti Composer, Villa Maria
8. Ena Begovic Ena Begovic Actress, Glembajevi
9. Boris Dvornik Boris Dvornik Actor, Tragovi crne devojke Boris Dvornik was born to the family of a carpenter. His acting experience started at the age of 8 when he took parts in plays for children. In his high school days he was learning to be electrician, but soon decided to pursue full-time acting career instead. After finishing National Acting School in Novi Sad he enrolled in Drama Academy in Zagreb...
10. Miranda Leonhardt Miranda Leonhardt Actress, Kokowääh
11. Jelena Djokic Jelena Djokic Actress, Turneja
12. Nives Ivankovic Nives Ivankovic Actress, Ruza vjetrova
13. Severina Vuckovic Severina Vuckovic Self, The Eurovision Song Contest
14. Lea Mornar Lea Mornar Actress, Such mich nicht Lea Mornar was born in Split, Croatia. Age 17 she went to London where she was cast in a string of music videos for high profile artists including Suede "Trash" and Muse "Uno". For her performance in "Love Your Neighbour" Lea was awarded with the New Faces Award. She was cast in "Joy Division" directed by Reg Traviss...
15. Zarko Radic Zarko Radic Actor, Villa Maria
16. Josip Condic Josip Condic Actor, Kept Born in Croatia, Josip grew up in Calgary. He first fell in love with acting in elementary school. While studying Architecture in college, he always knew he was meant to be an actor. He moved to LA to study the Meisner Technique with Martin Barter and Alex Taylor. Josip started writing and producing his own projects with long time friend KJ Malnar in order to grow as an artist.
17. Arsen A. Ostojic Arsen A. Ostojic Director, A Wonderful Night in Split Arsen was born in the beautiful city of Split, on the Croatian coast, in 1965. He decided to become a film director at the early age of twelve after joining a cinema group in his grammar school. He started to make silent, short genre films in black and white on Normal 8 stock, which he and his classmates invented the stories for...
18. Aleksandra Jankovic Aleksandra Jankovic Actress, Budjenje iz mrtvih
19. Vicko Ruic Vicko Ruic Actor, Najbolji
20. Ognjen Svilicic Ognjen Svilicic Writer, Zagreb Cappuccino
21. Mia Begovic Mia Begovic Actress, Villa Maria Mia Begovic graduated in 1986 from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Her debut role was Hella in M. Bugalkov's Master and Margherite performed in the Croatian National Theatre. She has worked with directors such as Spaic, Paro, Habunek, Juvancic and Vitez. She has starred in over 50 plays, 20 films and several TV shows...
22. Sinisa Popovic Sinisa Popovic Actor, Ljubavni zivot domobrana Sinisa Popovic was born in Split in 1958.After finishing high school Sinisa studied law at University of Split. In 1981,however, his passion for the arts led him to quit law and pursue a career as an actor. Graduated in acting from the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. Still a student he started to play the leading roles in theater productions and films...
23. Michael Cheney Michael Cheney Art Department, Flatliners
24. Robert Kurbasa Robert Kurbasa Actor, Dolina sunca
25. Branko Ivanda Branko Ivanda Director, Sve ce biti dobro
26. Jagoda Kumric Jagoda Kumric Actress, Larin izbor
27. Franz von Suppé Franz von Suppé Soundtrack, Beetlejuice
28. Zoran Dragelj Zoran Dragelj Director, Moving Plates
29. Enzo Bettiza Enzo Bettiza Writer, Il treno di Lenin
30. Jakov Sedlar Jakov Sedlar Director, Jerusalemski sindrom
31. Zdravka Krstulovic Zdravka Krstulovic Actress, Velo misto
32. Goran Ivanisevic Goran Ivanisevic Self, Wimbledon
33. Rikard Simonelli Rikard Simonelli Actor, Planina
34. Dino Dvornik Dino Dvornik Actor, A Wonderful Night in Split
35. Zoran Pezo Zoran Pezo Director, Kako je propao rokenrol
36. Marinko Prga Marinko Prga Actor, No Man's Land
37. Tomislav Cubelic Tomislav Cubelic Actor, Ruza vjetrova
38. Olga Spiridonovic Olga Spiridonovic Actress, Mis Ston
39. Trpimir Jurkic Trpimir Jurkic Actor, Zvizdan
40. Niksa Fulgosi Niksa Fulgosi Director, 100 ljepotica na dan
41. Branimir Cikatiæ Branimir Cikatiæ Actor, Skyscraper
42. Dijana Krzanic Dijana Krzanic Actress, Escape from Sobibor
43. Mirjana Majurec Mirjana Majurec Actress, Pod sretnom zvijezdom
44. Ljerka Koncar Gamulin Ljerka Koncar Gamulin Actress, Crveno i crno
45. Vanca Kljakovic Vanca Kljakovic Director, Kuzis stari moj
46. Ranko Mascarell Ranko Mascarell Production Designer, Sveto mesto
47. Jure Pavlovic Jure Pavlovic Director, Piknik Jure Pavlovic (1985) graduated directing at the Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Croatia. He took part in various international workshops like Berlinale Talents, Sarajevo Talent Campus, Sources 2, etc. His short films were screened on more then 200 international festivals such as Berlinale - Berlin International Film Festival and Clermont-Ferrand winning numerous awards...
48. Feliks Pasic Feliks Pasic Writer, Medju nama: Milivoje Zivanovic
49. Nadezda Perisic-Nola Nadezda Perisic-Nola Actress, Storm
50. Ivana Roscic Ivana Roscic Actress, Obrana i zastita
1-50 of 167 names.