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1. John Alton John Alton Cinematographer, Elmer Gantry Starting out in 1924 as a lab technician at MGM, John Alton left there for Paramount to become a cameraman. He traveled to France and then to South America, where he wrote, photographed and directed several Spanish-language films. Returning to Hollywood in 1937, he soon achieved a reputation as one of the industry's most accomplished cinematographers...
2. Krisztián Éder Krisztián Éder Self, Fluor Film
3. Julia Ubrankovics Julia Ubrankovics Actress, Majdnem szüz
4. Krisztian Kery Krisztian Kery Stunts, The Magnificent Seven
5. József Gallai József Gallai Writer, Moth After watching Lady in the Water, József Gallai decided to deal with filmmaking and started writing screenplays and short stories. Between 2009 and 2011 he was mainly involved in amateur films in various genres. In 2012 he wrote and directed Hungary's first feature length mumblecore film Csendes változás and his cooperation with long time collaborator and friend Gergö Elekes also began...
6. Edward Warschilka Edward Warschilka Editor, Rambo III
7. Lídia Danis Lídia Danis Actress, Tiszta szívvel
8. Alexa von Porembsky Alexa von Porembsky Actress, Die Safeknacker-Suite
9. György Solthy György Solthy Actor, Goose Boy
10. László Keglovich László Keglovich Self, Mexico City 1968: Games of the XIX Olympiad
11. Barna Tóth Barna Tóth Costume Designer, Illatszertár
12. Gyula Jármai Gyula Jármai Music Department, The Princess and the Goblin
13. Péter Berkes Péter Berkes Writer, Az öreg bánya titka
14. Judit Temes Judit Temes Self, Sportivnyy prazdnik molodyozhi
15. Helena Benda Helena Benda Actress, The Light Ahead
16. Gergely Bácsatyai Gergely Bácsatyai Actor, Kisváros
17. László Mester László Mester Actor, A két Bolyai
18. Lajos Boháty Lajos Boháty Actor, Kutya van a kertben
19. Zsolt Richly Zsolt Richly Director, A kockásfülü nyúl Zsolt Richly was born in 1941 in Sopron. In 1966 he graduated from the Academy of Arts and Crafts and began working at Pannónia Film Studio. Since then he made several short films and series as well as a feature film. Since 1987 he has taught animation at the Academy of Arts and Crafts. His work has been awarded with Béla Balázs Prize and Meritorious Artist award.
20. Szilveszter Csollány Szilveszter Csollány Self, Sydney 2000: Games of the XXVII Olympiad
21. Tímea Németh Tímea Németh Actress, Sztornó
22. Gusztáv Ilosvay Gusztáv Ilosvay Composer, Párbaj
23. Asztrik Várszegi Asztrik Várszegi Thanks, Hitvallók és ügynökök
24. Zsuzsa Rakovszky Zsuzsa Rakovszky Self, Poétikus hangulatban
25. Károly Pap Károly Pap Writer, Robert és Robert
26. Áron Sövegjártó Áron Sövegjártó Actor, Tüzvonalban
26 names.