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1. Klaus Kinski Klaus Kinski Actor, Aguirre, the Wrath of God Klaus Kinski grew up in Berlin, was drafted into the German army in 1944 and captured by British forces in Holland. After the war he began acting on the stage, quickly gaining a reputation for his ferocious talent and equally ferocious temper. He started acting in films shortly afterwards, showing an...
2. Winfried Glatzeder Winfried Glatzeder Actor, The Legend of Paul and Paula
3. Joanna Wizmur Joanna Wizmur Actress, Wielkie oczy
4. Maria Mielnikow Maria Mielnikow Actress, Koniec sezonu na lody
5. Hildegard Wolf Hildegard Wolf Actress, Gefährlicher Frühling
6. Michal Juszczakiewicz Michal Juszczakiewicz Actor, Matka Królów
7. Bogdan Lecznar Bogdan Lecznar Actor, Elegia
8. Andrzej Chrzanowski Andrzej Chrzanowski Actor, Pokój z widokiem na morze
9. Tadeusz Chyla Tadeusz Chyla Actor, Malzenstwo z rozsadku
10. Mariola Brillowska Mariola Brillowska Director, An das Morgengrauen
11. Igor Michalski Igor Michalski Actor, Radio Romans
12. Michal Pruski Michal Pruski Writer, Czarny czwartek. Janek Wisniewski padl
13. Krzysztof Lipowicz Krzysztof Lipowicz Actor, Wielka wygrana
14. Krzysztof Bartoszewicz Krzysztof Bartoszewicz Actor, Kim jest ten czlowiek?
15. Wlodzimierz Bendych Wlodzimierz Bendych Production Manager, A Short Film About Love
16. Jolanta Zaworska Jolanta Zaworska Actress, Czas dojrzewania
17. Jacek Godek Jacek Godek Actor, Blood of the Innocent
17 names.